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A pair of Welcome Swallows have taken up residence in my carport. This morning, I saw two gaping maws emerge from the nest.

when you gotta get all your drunk friends home

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Giving the wife a firm handshake after coitus, telling her it was “brilliant” and her boobs had “the perfect amount of wobble”

help im enjoying the batman v superman movie

Not to be a massive commie but uh.... I'm a massive commie how r u

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One of my favorite things to come out of Human Revolution is this gif tbh

i made a rhythm game based around British insults

it's called bants bants revolution

depression and the closet stole most of my teenagerhood from me so i'm thinking of having some embarrassing phases in my twenties

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No man is an island. Technically this is true of women as well, but enbies can be whatever they want. You couldn’t stop their raw energy even if you wanted to.

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