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I'm unemployed and looking for remote work writing, editing, and doing database stuff:

I also pay for out of pocket. A few bucks a month to my patreon (
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gc.c now has a discord.

Hang out with other folks on the instnace, provide valuable input and feedback, shitpost harder than you've ever shitposted before, all on gc.c discord!

So apparently these are Lissajous #curves

and they are so pretty

Basically, this is why I love #maths

GENTLE REMINDER: The very least you can do when setting up an alt account or any account on a masto instance is to add a profile pic and post a status.

Makes it easier for us to cull accounts when we know the account has and will possibly be used for legit purposes and isn't an empty act for scraping info from the fediverse.

I need to know more gays in . If you're on Balmung and wanna rp or crush content hit me up

Honest question: Would any of you still love me?

someone needs to split off from this instance and start or

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Please donate if you can.
Temperatures in Chicago are going to be as low as NEGATIVE SIXTY DEGREES FARENHEIT (yes, you read that right, -60°F). Please help fund tickets for those who are without shelter to ride CTA and hopefully survive these temperatures.

This is from my Twitter friend who is active in Chicago leftist action.

PayPal link:


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Are you trans? Like to shitpost? Experience existential dread? was started as an instance focused primarily on giving trans femmes a voice and a place to vent. If you experience trans-misogyny or are sick of being moderated by cis folks who may not have your interests in mind, this is the place for you.

This instance is the work of one very confused and scared trans woman. Donations are very much appreciated.

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