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I'm unemployed and looking for remote work writing, editing, and doing database stuff:

I also pay for out of pocket. A few bucks a month to my patreon (
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gc.c now has a discord.

Hang out with other folks on the instnace, provide valuable input and feedback, shitpost harder than you've ever shitposted before, all on gc.c discord!

Hecking annoying that my video card is too new.

Like playing Russian roulette. It could be LITERALLY ANY ONE of them. Which one? WHO KNOWS.

Me: "I just wanna play my video game"
Also me: "This is a pretty cool art installation, I should probably see what nonsense can be generated."

So I'm invariably going to make an alt in FFXIV and I don't know who to base it on. Def gonna be one of the three sisters I play in gw2.

Help me pick, fediverse. White, Gold, or Blue?

It's 2018 and someone is walking through campus at 10:40 at night with a boombox blaring "Living on a Prayer". This is truly the worst timeline.

I always liked idea of a 6 string bass.

I have the potential to be a dress, but that one’s okay at least!

Sign my petition to ban the sinful act of heterosexuality.

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Keep seeing ads for Farmers Only and I'm like "you know what, I am pretty lonely".

I need another farm lesbian to come by and sweep me off my feet.

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If I could go back in time the first thing I would do is show Shakespeare "Romeo + Juliet" just to see how he'd react.

It's 2018, isn't it about time we criminalized heterosexuality?

I'm not gonna be level 69 for very long :( Hopefully the next expansion raises the cap to 420.

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