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gc.c now has a discord.

Hang out with other folks on the instnace, provide valuable input and feedback, shitpost harder than you've ever shitposted before, all on gc.c discord!

I'm the kind of lesbian that takes 225 grit sandpaper to the bottom of her feet to soften up the callouses

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Her userpic was Gabrielle from Xena.

I kinda stopped it after a few friends figured out it was me and kinda gave me shit. I think it was specifically a few makers of bots who weren't exactly chuffed I was using the platform for political fuckery. 2014 was a simpler time.

Also also. Throwback Thursday to the time I created a twitter bot that would create a corpus based on gg tweets and get in "logic argument loops" with twitter nazis who were too daft to realize it was a bot.

It was great because it wasted a whole lot of really shitty people's time and took their focus away harassing folks. Truly a force of chaotic good on twitter.

I believe it was called RealGamer9001.

Speaking of games. I was in an dungeon with a bunch of (other) magical perverts and one of em brought up the idea of force feedback keyboards.

Is this a thing that exists? If so I kinda feel bad for just telling them to tape their Hitachi to the keyboard.

I should not be allowed to have a mastodon account but here we are.

Here's some gamer facts:
In 50% of all violent crime the victim is a gamer. It's true!

Gaming culture has existed for centuries but most of our history before 1970 has been erased. I wonder why?

Gamers are 73% likely to suffer some sort of gaming related discrimination in their lifetime.

In conclusion gamers are oppressed. I hope you enjoyed reading this essay as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Today is the day I come out. No more hiding. Today I announce to the world that I am a gamer.

We all know gamers are the most stigmatized and persecuted of all identities.

You, a 13 year old gamer: "That's gay"
Me, an insufferably online lesbian: "THAT'S GAAAAAYYYYY :heart_pride: :heart_pride: :heart_pride: 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 👭 :trans_comm: :anartrans_symbol_black: 🔪 🙇‍♂️"


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Thinking about it, I'm proud of my work in today. Like it didn't result in meaningful roleplay for my character but I delayed two very hornt people from having sex with someone else for about an hour.

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