Shouldn't be shitposting, being an Admin is fucking difficult. Hell I'm certain there's gonna be a point where it's me doing the bad shit.

Just serves as a gentle reminder that at our core we're all humans and any system involving human being is inherently flawed because humans are fucking horseshit and we all suck.

This is not to excuse anything and, 🎡to be fair🎡 I've only been watching the fallout and apology tour, but it is nice to see a 'sorry' instead of doubling down.

Now that my cost of living has increased and I've had to deal with some unfortunate expenses I have to actually sit down and be like "huh"

That thing where I've been running a server at a loss for like 2 years now and have no idea what it's actually costing me or how many of my personal patrons are supporting for the instance alone cause it's never really mattered.

That or maybe I start doing more lewd photos and see if people like my body enough to chuck a couple bucks here and there.

I wonder if I should set up a thing that tracks the server cost in CAD cause I have no clue what it actually costs on a month by month basis, just that I'm currently operating at a small loss with living expenses, communications, and gc.c itself.

If anyone wants to hire a freelance copy-editor or writer that'd be pretty rad, even if it's only like one or two pieces a month cause that'd LIKELY make the difference.

Working on the gc.c patreon. Page is up for review currently.

I should really sit down and figure out what I'd need to live comfortable per month so I don't wrack up too much credit card debt.

Mostly doing this cause my cost of living has kinda gone up and it's no longer of those break even situations. Starting to look like I have to choose between having mobile service or having a mastodon instance and I'd love to have both.

Thinking of starting a gc.c patreon instead of just using my personal one. If I did would anyone toss a few bucks here and there to support it?

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