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If leaving this for two days and diluting it with water works, I'm gonna be fucking shocked.

Next time though, I'm gonna try with vanilla bean.

I guess we'll see in a couple days. I'm not actually sure how this is supposed to look but I mixed my alcohol (didn't have vodka so used moonshine) with my oils and as you'd expect the oil is in a visible suspension.

Another week, another E1S clear where the healers can't keep my ilvl 455+ ass alive.

Can you tell I'm bitter, cause I'm pretty fucking bitter.

With the help of my raid static I am very close to getting over my imposter syndrome.

When I first thought about endgame content in ffxiv I was like "what if I'm not going enough; what if people realize I kinda suck?"

Now I'm like "fuck I'm actually pretty good. Not the best, not even average, but better than the folks around me."

I need someone to domme me into playing guitar for an hour a day.

It's an oddly specific request but I need the practice.


Playing a cis character for roleplay and I am immediately doing 300x better than any actual cis person ever would at being a good cis.

I wasted four hours of a cis person's life being like "I'm gonna keep dropping subtle hints. Maybe they'll eventually get it."

That thing where a cis person doesn't read your extended rp profile OR pick up on the hints in your character's backstory and just fucking bolts when they realize your character is trans.

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