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a small poem uwu 

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bad gender joke 

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strangers pls don't go through my posts and fav like everything i ever posted, its kinda creepy

(if were mufos and regularily interact, you're probably fine)

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im just overflowing with love sometimes and i just need to tell ppl, so...

I FUCKING LOVE ALL OF YOU, now come here and let me offer you a big hug

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read before requesting a follow 

I can only imagine the kind of future we'd have if all the young queers I know who want to start communes didn't have to slave away for decades to have a possibility of maybe getting the land they need and instead were able to start experimenting with models to make the communities work and practicing their skills growing food and making high quality artisan goods.

What if we put Luigi's head on top of Duke Nukem's body! 

Holly, Holly, and Holly need to have a holly jolly get together and spoon. it'll be fun, comfortable, and scare the shit out of the deeply religious with our 666ing

kink meta, d/s // 

Hey folks! I have friends in some pretty serious need, and life has been piling on in a β€œwait what” sort of way. They need house repairs, car repairs, computer repairs, and body repairs, all in short order. If you could throw them a few bucks or boost the signal it would mean a lot.


want to get a nice warm hot chocolate with a cutie and ask about their interests :blobcatmelt2:

self promo, please boost if you can 



tbh its pretty fun to stare at an ebooks post for minutes, slowly reading it word for word several times trying to make sense of it, knowing there is none

gosh i just want to sit in some cuties lap and roll up and i want them to hold me and pat me and aaaaaaaaaaaa

on CWs 


I've decided to offer myself up as a voice coach for trans people who need it free/cheap.

No matter what you desire to work towards, you come to me as a friend I would like to help be comfy. Whether that be feminising, masculinising, or a voice made of various different elements :)

We will do exercises, talk about posture, be hydrated, apply it to real life, and I promise to tailor things to meet your needs.

I will do this over discord. DM me if you fancy this.

Boosts appreciated

dream, long 

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