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strangers pls don't go through my posts and fav like everything i ever posted, its kinda creepy

(if were mufos and regularily interact, you're probably fine)

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my pronouns changed 

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im just overflowing with love sometimes and i just need to tell ppl, so...

I FUCKING LOVE ALL OF YOU, now come here and let me offer you a big hug

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read before requesting a follow 

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Hi friendos, here's a reminder that furries and otherkin are valid.

I think this continues to be a good read:

lewd thoughts 

tbh id need a browser extension to do a quick find and replace on my deadname on every page

uni isnt missing a single opportunity to shove my deadname in my face

New glasses ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
(Selfie, EC, Boosts+)

im getting back into skullgirls and i need more ppl to play it with

lewd joke, food 

debian wiki: this adaptor is confirmed working

me: nice! *plugs in adaptor*

linux: ...hmm? what do you want from me, fuck off

imagine if our currency were smooches and pats 

ok found some white lipstick on amazon... do i try?

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