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Hello I am a trans woman in her late 30s and I'm here to shit post and complain into the void about how I woke up horny.

kids these days are always like "i should have been born 20 years ago so i could experience the culture around nirvana". i feel like they are severely underestimating buddha's age

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*green day voice* The representative from your father's bedroom has the floor

i fucking hate romance genre movies/tv because of the dramatic tension. fuck the dramatic tension. why can't I just get 60 minutes of two people being happy and things going ok for them. anyway im going to go watch some romance genre pornos

some day I will post pics and then you will still not know how unattractive i am in daily life b/c they will be very carefully cropped so you can only see my butt! but basically im just like so awkward. im like if you took a chubby middle aged woman with poor posture and made her 6'3

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*flirting playfully before i put it in* "up yours woke moralist."

there needs to be boy lingerie. lingerie for boys. but not like girly lingerie for boys. but it does have to be more than jock straps im sorry but jock straps just arent enough. I need something truly special under that business suit

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oh no the bottom feels have hit hard. need to be choked and have someone hurt my little asshole

Midwife implies the existence of a minwife and a maxwife


Holy shit I woke up horny, humping my pillow, my dainty lil dick hard as a rock and desperate to be used on someone~

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Madame M -> handjob stepmom...

if you've done your chores you'll the deluxe handjob
if you haven't, you'll get the rough handjob


sorry I can't come into work today I'm thinking about bottoms who like showing off their asshole

wish i could delete and re-draft my genitals you know what I mean ladies

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