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A James Bond-type scenario where the femme, vaguely communist-coded spy antagonist has to seduce the main character to get all of The Enemy's secrets, and then would typically escape as soon as she acquires the necessary info

Except instead of leaving, the spy and the heroine just have an affectionate, caring relationship for the rest of the film, and the sex scenes are very emotionally cathartic as the heroine realizes how unhappy she's been working for her imperialist government

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selfie ec 

is this soft butch? this feels like soft butch

Did you know that you can go on a date with two girls at the same time

I feel like I found one of the Simulation's cheat codes

beat saber 

yeah u mite say im pretty cool

cameraplus wasn't working but I got it fixed, next one will look better

Playing some beat saber and shaving the rest of my body tonight 😎😎😎

tusky keeps fucking up my toots what the hell tusky why do you do this, that was supposed to be a cw and you didnt cw it you just captioned it

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Metric and imperial system should be as difficult to convert between as possible, I'm feeling especially chaotic neutral today

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freud was jsut a big incel fuck froeud all ym homies hate freud

what if we measured temperature logarithmically, so like 0C is 273.15K and 10C is 2731.5K and so on,,, but fahrenheit was still measured linearly,,,,, it would make it even more fucked up to convert f to c and thats a good thing

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