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important: stella is now such a slut that her eyes roll back in her skull when she puts on fuzzy socks

just... the sensation... hhhhhh

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a dystopian future, which for our purposes is actually post-scarcity and utopian but just with a totalitarian government. I don't want to flood the local timeline so I'm going to make a few of the posts in this thread public, and the rest will be unlisted.


Yo I am doing weed again, it's been quite a while. 5mg thc (I have no tolerance) in a dispensary-grade edible

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I gotta keep it honest here on the tl: the main thing that turns me on about this is her expression

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dance yrself clean is SO good holy shit

I think I might be getting tired of endless fluff! I don't like stories about bigotry or oppression, or about how fucked we all are, because they hit too close to home. But I think I've started wanting some conflict between characters. Maybe I've started seeing myself more in more complicated art


WAIT DOES THIS MEAN OCULUS SERVICES DON'T WORK EITHER??? Incredible. Glad I switched to a vive a while back

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in extreme contrast to destiny 2, where the only reason i kept playing was to get cool guns and i didnt actually like the gameplay that much

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getting over it is honestly the most wholesome gaming experience i have ever had. Rn I'm playing it a lot to try to get 50 wins for the golden pot, but I'm not gonna like, stop playing when I get the pot. I just like the game, I'll probably keep going back to it for as long as my hands work well enough to hold a mouse

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Listen, ok, we need to talk about THEEEEEESE. LOOK AT THESE. IMAGINE you're like, you're on a date with this girl, and maybe you're sitting next to each other on the couch or something, and you glance down, and 👀👀👀👀👀 you seeee,, the fuckin, aaaaaaaa and like, maybe you very slowly inch your hand over from where your arm is currently wrapped around her?? And you just sort of gently, brush against it???? fuck im gay

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this might trigger dysphoria 

In reality, toxicity is completely separate from gender presentation and has little to do with it. Toxic masculinity isn't toxic because it's too masculine, it's toxic because it redefines masculinity in a harmful way. You can be the most masculine person on the planet, huge bulging muscles, powerful booming voice, living in a log cabin... I just realized I'm describing a lumberjack. You can be a lumberjack without it being toxic lol

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things about actual scoundrel jk rowling 

I'm listening to the Gayly Prophet and some insight about the veela that I never picked up on as a kid:

- veela are referred to as creatures, despite being PEOPLE

- they're all blond white women (aryan, basically)

- jkr describes them as TOO feminine. Like, "oh no, men are rendered powerless before them!" Of note here is the idea that too much femininity is inherently a toxic thing, which is a big part of the terf mindset: "trans women overdo it"

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