Propaganda idea: stickers with the same size and design as tapatio labels that say Zapatista. Put em on bottles at your local restaurant

I know it's like, small potatoes out of all the terrible things the military does, but it's fucking cruel how the military encourages soldiers to get married and have kids and then puts those kids through the stress of moving around all over the place for the sake of their parent's military career. Fuck that.

Bleh.. left my clothes in the washer too long and now they smell. Don't like feeling like I have a cloud of stink around me but watcha gonna do?

If I can't dance dance it's not my revolution ultramix

Why do I pick fights with transphobes spouting pseudoscience online? Like I know it's not gonna change their mind and probably just raise my blood pressure. It's like picking a scab 🤡

I hardly ever wear button downs for fear of looking "too masc" (which yes, i know, is some wild shit put in my head by society) work is taking me to a small rural town today though so what better time to say fuck it?

This is what I think dark academia means 

The ontological destruction of psychosocial ennui

Have you ever wondered what a hentai of Squirtle eating Ted Cruz's bussy would taste like? In this essay I will...


Feeling horny tonight but in like an appreciative way? Just feeling grateful for all the sexy people out there being sexy. Good for you.

Really taken by how beautiful y'all are 🤩 like damn WTF y'all'er blessed by the Lord himself, Shrek 🧅💚

Not to be, like, a stereotypical trans girl, but, damn... My tits just keep growing! There was a period between 1.5 and 2 years in where i thought they were done growing but i think it's just harder to see each little bit of growth once they get to a certain size :blobcatmmm: :blobtrans:

Titties, no ec, boosts and flirts ok 

Camo is a floral pattern

Me: I'm not really a fan of the trans pride flag the way it says "pink is for girls, blue is for boys"
Also me: entire room is decorated in pink and light blue bc i love the way those colors look together, aesthetically.

The new cosmos is pretty cool but doesn't actually talk about the cosmos all that much. Also Neil Degrass Tyson says "sex" an awkward amount.

I've been describing my college major, communication, rather cyclically as "PR and Advertising" the last several years since I graduated which is weird because I focused more on cultural criticism than that business stuff. I think I've just been doing that because I've been disillusioned about the value of a university degree as an investment. I actually learned a lot of cool shit that totally transformed me worldview.

Ranting about cis 

Wow! You called me by my name and pronouns! Holy shit, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Somebody get Kaitlyn Jenner on the phone, she has GOT TO HEAR ABOUT THIS!! Can we get this person a medal?? Make it say, "greatest ever cis Ally" -NO! "HONORARY QUEEN OF THE TRANS"

Had my first electrology appointment where they zapped my junk today and it hurrrrrttt 😥😭

Took my bike on an errand that I'd normally hop in the car for and I'm so glad I did! A little exercise and a little less emissions.

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