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more details on sexual preferences 

I tend to prefer ppl who id as subs in bed, but i wouldn't describe myself as a dom. I don't really vibe with the whole dom/sub thing and would prefer not to describe myself with that binary.

I need to be fairly close with ppl before having sex, but for pics it doesn't matter.

I'm curious about some kink stuff but haven't really been bothered exploring it all that much, so i'm pretty vanilla as is.

never met a genital config i didn't like :)

image description re: ec, petplay 

i forgot to add the image description, its four girls in a pet store with masks on. I'm holding a leash, one of my gfs has her eyes shut, one of them in the background is doing peace signs.

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why i gotta get horny the night before work just before bed grr

wanna do things to cute girls make some squeals


it was actually super hot, might do this more often lmao

also an excuse to get all my gfs horny and then leave because i "need to do work" so they can fuck each other

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kinda -ve, horny/polyam related 

I feel kinda bad cuz i was horny this morning but wanted to wait for the rest of my gfs to wake up / come home, but in the meantime i just got stressed and also v exhausted from riding bike, and now they're fucking but i'm just too tired to want to join in anymore.

discussion of horny 

havent been here much recently cuz havent been that horny, idk sometimes i go months without horny then get horny a few months again

self reflection 

the older/queerer i get the more i realise attraction has very little to do with how ppl look visually and a lot more to do with who they are and how they behave and interact with me

i'm a perv 

my gf has figured out that any cutie with a gaping mouth turns me on and she's really taking advantage of it

os programming related 

i cant b the only one who reads pstate (as in like "amd_pstate") as prostate right

hot take on anal sex terminology, talking out of my ass (i warned u) 

ppl have started calling it "bussy" instead of just "butt" for the same reason that ppl call it "pegging" instead of "ass-fucking": because there's a tonne of stigma around anal sex so ppl are squeamish and invent new terminology to skirt around having to refer to it directly

strap-on sex 

I tried my strap on the other day for the first time, it was great! I got myself to cum just from using it on my gf somehow!


ppl with tiny tits 😳

ppl with giant tits 😳

nude, horny 

all my gfs are at another place and i'm lying here wishing there was someone around i could use

penis size 

its weird how much it catches ppl off guard when i'm not remotely ashamed about having a pretty small dick

sex, use of force 

i love cycling cuz i get strong thighs. and then when my partner's giving me head i can keep them in place with them hehe 💞

gay, d/s i guess 

one of my gfs is a switch but like, i can easily lift her up and throw her around so she doesn't stand a chance against me no offence to her

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