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self promo, boosts+++, bandcamp link 

hey everyone i finally finished my new album n i really hope yall enjoy it !!! any amount of support or kind words are appreciated :black_sparkling_heart_black: :black_sparkling_heart_black:

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sex work, lewd pics of me 

hey yall im selling nudes !!!
pay what you want, but im gonna ask for at least $4 USD per pic and $30 USD for the full set of 14 please

dm me if you wanna buy ! πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€

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self promo, links, please boost 

hey reminder that if you like any of the content i make or the stuff i do (lewd or otherwise ;3) n youd like to support me, i have a patreon as well as a ko-fi n my bandcamp !!! everything is appreciated n i cant thank yall enough for supporting my bullshit :blobheart: :blobheart: :blobheart:

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the us supreme court does some stupid bullshit most of the time but it whips ass that they just held that the eastern oklahoma reservations were never disestablished and therefore tulsa and the whole eastern third of the state is indian country

my take on AAA games people pushing to make games $70 


hi posting the powderpaint EP again so i can pin it on my profile

but if you havent listened to it yet,,,,,,,, go on!!!

you dont have to start a revolution, but being mindful of your own actions during these times is cool too

Eugen can you please let us hide avatars like sensitive content

game journalists lying down and accepting a $70 price tag is the final nail in the proverbial coffin of proof that they’re not here to investigate or question or push but rather to be the hype people for billions dollar companies, extending out as another branch of marketing for people that make too much money and ask for too much money. What a fucking embarrassment. Can’t believe that was ever a field I wanted to be in

For real watch game sales plummet as people realize even $60 was too much for most of the dogshit that comes out from AAA studios these days

coronavirus, food 

Tweet by @yvescloudedcat (sammie loves haseul):

western media wont talk about this but the vietnamese government is helping citizens fight the coronavirus by offering free /proper/ meals for people in quarantine areas and free groceries/necessities for a whole neighborhood in lockdown

re: ableism (not meta) 

& like

one of the things about ableism is that disability takes so many different forms that having one of them doesn't make you immune from perpetuating ableism yourself.

you can be a wheelchair user who perpetuates harmful stereotypes about mentally ill ppl. you can be an autistic person who thinks chronically ill ppl are 'just lazy'. you can be a mentally ill person who's gross about physically disabled ppls bodies

like even if we don't have the same institutional power or whatever as a fully abled person all of us still need to be careful about slipping into those thought patterns that capitalism drills into us, I think

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UK people, please join me in signing this petition asking the government to keep gender transition treatments legal for trans kids!

A 2000 year old sapphire ring thought to belong to Roman Emperor Caligula, depicting his fourth wife Caesonia [478 x 345]

How to avoid drama on the fediverse (part 2):

Stop and think before you reply:
- Does this conversation benefit from my input?
- Am I the best person to speak on this topic?
- Do I have a full understanding of what's being said?
- Is that *really* what's being said right now?
- Do I know and/or understand where the OP is coming from?

If you answer "no" to any of these questions, shhhh.

When people talk about Mastodon having a whiteness problem, it's because of this:

White people assume that their opinions are wanted and relevant and need to be heard. They aren't.

In the same way, any opinion I could possibly form on autistic people isn't relevant, wanted or needs to be heard. I'd like to believe I'm an ally but still, anything I want or need to say is irrelevant. So I stay quiet, read, and boost. That's it.

Easy peasy.

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