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self promo, boosts+++, bandcamp link 

hey everyone i finally finished my new album n i really hope yall enjoy it !!! any amount of support or kind words are appreciated :black_sparkling_heart_black: :black_sparkling_heart_black:

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self promo, links, please boost 

hey reminder that if you like any of the content i make or the stuff i do (lewd or otherwise ;3) n youd like to support me, i have a patreon as well as a ko-fi n my bandcamp !!! everything is appreciated n i cant thank yall enough for supporting my bullshit :blobheart: :blobheart: :blobheart:

i didnt drink water and felt like i was gonna faint remember to stay hydrated

oH FUCK i was supposed to be recording typing noises but because of how the dictaphone records its all slowed down and it sounds like horrible cronching omgggggggggg

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i am once again listening to the mr robot soundtrack

hhhhhhh i dont wanna do my physics homeworkkkkkkk

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