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hey if any of you like weirdass music id appreciate if you gave any of my stuff a listen. ive done a couple different genres but im mostly focused on ambient/drone type stuff! im trying to do more releases lately and its been working out pretty decently.

all my stuff is free to download but any amount of support or kind words would be greatly appreciated and i hope you enjoy my work <3


420, lewd, kink shitpost 

an open-world game where all the quest rewards are intrinsic instead of extrinsic

quest: follow the mountain trail
reward: it's a really nice walk

If redstone is
Should we be
holding it?

Cache - Pt. 1(Longish post, short story) 

Cache - Pt. 2 (Long post, short story) 

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Cache - Pt. 3 (Longish post, short story) 

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Cache - Pt. 3 (Long post, short story) CW: unethical experimentation, mild body horror 

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Cache - Pt. 4 (Long post, short story) CW: long string of randomized text (possibly not screenreader friendly) 

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Cache - Pt. 5 (Long post, short story) CW: body horror, blood, vomit, general weird horror-y stuff 

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Twitter, uspol, racism 

self promo, links, please boost 

I feel like this shouldn't be hot takes anymore:

→ be who you are
→ love who you love
→ dress and present how you want
→ hate is bad
→ life is too short and precious to avoid happiness
→ don't carry the world on your shoulders, but contribute what you can to make it better
→ you're loved :blobcatheartsqueeze:

Great thing about Mastodon is that I can say 'fuck' all I want, and no algorithm will punish me for it

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

me: [walks out of bedroom]
friend: how was the sex
me: pussy haunted
friend: wha
me: [grabs gun and goes back in] pussy haunted

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