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modern agriculture: everyday I pour 10 trillion gallons of water all over my shitty almond trees I grow in the fucking desert. everyone around me’s wells are dry, but I am wet & choked by algae
me: let’s not do this
modern agriculture: arrest this nerd and give me a tax subsidy

if your friends be eating beans 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩 - Pythagoras

‪please denigrate and say bacterial slurs at the streptococcal bacteria in my throat to demoralize them ‬

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got antibiotics and a medicated mouthwash I guess to extra attack the tiny colonists in my throat

photo of fuckers attached

oh no i've been transformed into a beautiful vampire woman from a manly knight, how could this have happened

suddenly i've gone from cold to feeling hot hot hot, and my fever is only 99.6 F, this is bullshit, where's god, i demand a refund

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been on and off sick since Thursday, this morning just suddenly lost my voice, can this fucking illness just fuck off?

cw: suicidal nazi joke 

with just a few hundo fighters scattered across Europe, the Luftwaffe was quickly overwhelmed by RAF night raids and USAAF day raids. Luftwaffe Chief of Staff Hans Jeschonnek came up with an innovative solution for this stressful situation, on 18 August 1943, he shot himself.

its weird how it's tradition for some people to buy chicks from a farm for their children's entertainment, and then a few weeks later, when the animals grow up, as they are apt to do, they become too troublesome and are abandoned to a local park to starve and be eaten by a coyote

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wild birds are protected under the law, baby chickens, geese, and ducks bought for Easter and abandoned are not

if you can pick them up with your hands, they belong on a farm

these trains are lifelines for some very isolated communities and COVID is often being used as an excuse to eliminate these services

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sad state of Canadian rail that a freight rail jam up gets them stuck for 5 hours, the crew hits their legal limit, and all the passengers are thrown out at a random junction, and they have to take a half-hour taxi into town

people rarely die so suddenly like in manga. Often there’s clues and signs and what if you were the only person who actually did something?

what if you saved them?

why don’t I feel any better?

why does it hurt so much?

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Akira keeps asking the forbidden question, if you had Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, and no one believes you, and you keep getting hurt trying to prevent the deaths

what if you just let it happen, why do you always risk yourself without hesitation

what happened to you

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As friendlies start entering the enemy's defenses, your artillery should start their next barrage further into the enemy's depth. That way they cannot counterattack nor adequately observe your troops to direct their own defensive fire

On the tactical level, you want mortars, ATGMs, and machine guns acting as low-level, highly flexible artillery for your troops. Infantry platoons should be at least in pairs, alternating between moving forward, and covering their buddy platoon moving forward.

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The average prep barrage should be between 1-2.5 hrs

1st step is Fire Raid, 10-15 min of fast high rate of fire saturation fire. These are to catch units out in the open and force defenders to keep their heads down.

2nd step is the Destruction Period, where from 30-60 minutes you will use artillery to hit specific enemy strongpoints and concentrations

Finally there's the Suppression Period, 15-45 minutes, you're covering your advancing infantry and is slower and fewer than the Fire Raid

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You must concentrate your guntubes (artillery, mortars, rockets) on a narrow portion of the front to achieve local superiority. On average, you want to concentrate at least 150-200 guntubes per kilometer of front. If you have large caliber guns, you can trend fewer, smaller, more

There's a phenomenon known as artillery shock where after the barrage ends, defenders won't poke their heads out and in extremely heavy, sudden barrages, they may be paralyzed for up to 15 minutes after your barrage.

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An important thing to realize is that an artillery barrage's effectiveness is not strictly correlated to time, the days long barrages of WWI were mostly ineffective. The way to ensure they work is to have adequate concentration, and good intel to strike throughout the enemy depth

Learning from Soviet doctrine, you can have similar numbers to the enemy throughout a front, but in the tactical areas where you plan on penetrating, you MUST have 2.5-3x local manpower, air, and fire superiority

i'm like a bloodhound but for those orange pill bottles and wax paper pharmacy bags

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