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modern agriculture: everyday I pour 10 trillion gallons of water all over my shitty almond trees I grow in the fucking desert. everyone around me’s wells are dry, but I am wet & choked by algae
me: let’s not do this
modern agriculture: arrest this nerd and give me a tax subsidy


Americans pay an average of 29% in taxes, however if you add in health insurance, the effective tax rate rises to 37% which puts us well above the average in the developed world for some of the worst quality services

i just noticed the website where i was researching Chinese made motorcycles and scooters uses the rare Soviet Union top-level domain, .su

you can learn things from non-white people too, but that may be a lesson too advanced for the media to understand

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why is ANYONE talking about COVID-19 in New Zealand? thinly populated islands literally hours away from Australia by air, versus South Korea or Vietnam, large nations with many densely populated cities literally next to where coronavirus emerged from

Ukrainian gas station bathrooms are surprisingly clean

also, had a secondary dream where i had to go to Penn Station but i came upon a gang of miscreants who were abusing animals for fun and i had to cross icy streets when all the traffic lights were out in order to push them into rocket escape pods to save the stray cats and dogs

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one thing they don't tell you about having a huge magazine is that your trigger finger will get tired before the magazine runs out

in the end, I was cast out for what I had done in the name of it. yet those who did it, found out they had lost everything after doing so

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‪Dreamt about eggs, Revolution, space travel, and what it means to be human ‬

‪had a nightmare I was swatted by one of those rich gamer streamers who bought a deputy police Officer position to personally kick down my door ‬

the ideal game is just a visual novel with micro-management chess

Fate gives an accurate description of what visiting America is like by offering us a shitload of guns and militarized training

guns are machines, machines will fail, your habits should be inherently safe so that when a failure happens, there are as few consequences as possible

‪“If I am elected, I propose that the US should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a wife on the Moon”‬

‪“Boywife or girlwife?”‬

‪“E-“*gunshot strikes me down*‬

in fact, Boeing never ironed out the bugs in the bomb-drop mechanism for the modified B-29s, so the British provided Lancaster bomb drop equipment and those were used to drop the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs

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any discussion of Germany lasting into 1946 ignores the fact that Truman would have happily nuked Germany

due to delays in the B-29 Silverplate program, the RAF had a secret squadron of "Black Lancaster" bombers at RAF Enstone in Oxfordshire, in case B-29s weren't ready

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