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modern agriculture: everyday I pour 10 trillion gallons of water all over my shitty almond trees I grow in the fucking desert. everyone around me’s wells are dry, but I am wet & choked by algae
me: let’s not do this
modern agriculture: arrest this nerd and give me a tax subsidy

love live is turning a big dial that says "Lesbians" on it and constantly looking back at the audience for approval

It's a Detached Relationship or Warikitta Kankei desukara by Flowerchild Ueda is that kinda angsty shit that has verisimilitude because its so damn messy

you ever think about the goatse guy, Kirk? he lives in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, Canada, every so often he goes to alt.fisting to upload some photos and videos, and leaves

he's probably the only person using the internet properly

i missed the ludicrously expensive breakfast i used to get sometimes, egg salad, smoked salmon, and arugula on a croissant, so i decided to google it and it turns out it's an adaptation of a Gordon Ramsey recipe for something more shelf stable

pretzels are actually a sorta special treat, a more common food in Germany is using the same technique but you make a baguette like pretzel roll

drinking beer with grapes like a Roman governor in goth territory

the zoomers, like we got a tiny bit of cash so we can give some to you but I’m sorry but like you’re gonna get even less than we did

I feel like only we care?

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one thing I noticed is like 10 years ago they demonstrably proved that millennials were the 1st gen to be poorer, have less opportunity, sicker, etc than the previous generation and then we just stopped talking about it

my plate of dumplings look like they're hongshao

i added some salt and white pepper and chili flake and actually it was good enough that i inhaled it so no pictures

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turns out there's multiple soy sauces and i've accidentally used the cooking soy sauce which has dyed my serving incredibly dark but is actually fairly low in salt so i had to salt it separately

if you want to know how Britain is going, here's a famous TV presenter showing how to cook cat food

British rationing was one of the tremendous successes of central government intervention. During WWII, the health of the British populace INCREASED, caloric intake went up, nutrition went up, infant mortality down

Tories & their scolds want to go back

dreamt I was an amnesiac detective a la disco Elysium but I was named jack i guess and mostly I just cried on people whilst trying to stop a war

I can’t wait for the day some team brings a car to a race that is cheating so hard it can no longer be described as a car

ew, the sour bars?

yeah, soybean flour, margarine, dried veg scraps, mushroom powder, sugar, and just enough ground citron to really ruin it

it's like every flavor at once and they're all wrong

yeah but those poor Imperials are starving so bad they'll want to eat them

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