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modern agriculture: everyday I pour 10 trillion gallons of water all over my shitty almond trees I grow in the fucking desert. everyone around me’s wells are dry, but I am wet & choked by algae
me: let’s not do this
modern agriculture: arrest this nerd and give me a tax subsidy

Dreamt I was femboy Shinji hanging out with Asuka as the Soviets did an inspection of NERV Hawaii, which was obviously a low key trap

Robot & Frank (2012) is an adorable movie, an elderly jewel thief with dementia gets an house assistant robot, who turns out to be a great assistant, in everything

the words "futanari intifada" are refusing to leave my mind

an example of the dichotomy of people who were trained in an applied science manner vs. a pure science manner

in the former, you feel very smart and accomplished because you know a bunch of stuff

in the latter, you realize how insignificant you are in the grand scheme of it all

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"you're taught in school that we know a bunch of stuff, and it's a lie! they're all lies!" - Prof. Alex Kontorovich of Rutgers University

discovering your partner is a secret homosexual is perhaps the most relieving discovery one could make as a medieval noble

this is the Chinese character for kebabs or chuan:串

i'm going to do what's known as a pro-gamer move

*orders squad to shell the village*

more likely, the slaves rebelled, were unable to find weapons besides hand tools, chased the white slavers out and wanted to just be left alone

and the whites realized a free black community succeeding with few casualties would have devastated the institution of slavery

it would have been embarrassing, shameful that the whites were driven out with just hand tools and a mild beating

the whites had to cast the rebels as "bandits" who needed to be put down in the most extreme methods possible

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The militia finds about 200 rebels at Bernoudy's plantation, likely unarmed and gathered, and they open fire on them

the white history is supposedly that the rebels return fire and there's a pitched battle, and yet all the casualties are on the rebel side, 40-45 rebel slaves died, and the rest flee into the woods. 50 more are chased down and executed, including brutal torture, to send a message

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ultimately only 2 plantation slavers died, one, Andry's son who showed up with a sword, and another François Trépagnier. White slavers recount being told to leave by their slaves, the rebels plan on driving them out, and declaring their own independent republic

the escaped white slavers alert the militia, and several hundred including supposedly Col. Andry, nearly mortally wounded, is now leading an army?

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like supposedly 20 rebellious slaves surrounded a sleeping Manuel Andry, a veteran soldier, with axes and knives, and nearly kill him but he gets away? that doesn't track. as they speculate, he was exaggerating, they beat him for being a slaver, but not with intent to kill

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Slavery was not a stable system, if you look it up, there are constant revolts all over. And the history, was written by the white slavemasters who suppressed them later

if we ever meet IRL, once I start talking a time box appears above my head saying “time till Ted” and starts counting down

all laws passed in China are technically draconian as the communist party consists solely of dragons 🐉

oooo lightweight flapper locked, intermediate cartridge squad automatic weapon with a higher rate of fire than reported on paper

My second dream was that of being some sort of like teen superhero. A disaster beyond our ability happens and the government evacs us. I lose confidence in my ability, I think it involved flying real fast, and go awol for a bit to find myself.

had a dream about a “Niobite Black Diamond”, a rare interstellar Diamond that arrived on earth on a meteorite made of exotic matter so it’s constantly gaining and losing mass and I think I planned on stealing it from an auction house

sure wish my health class woulda taught me what that T in LGBT meant like 20 years ago

"i mean, i would sure like to be a lesbian like a suspiciously large number of my friends in high school but like being a trans woman means you gotta like boys so i can't be that"

"time to not consider or think on this seriously for 15 years"

if we want a more antiseptic world, copper and cuprous alloys have an antibacterial and antiviral effect even when dry. we really should be copper plating all our doorknobs and buttons

and it will give items a cool looking patina over time

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