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I put a "All Cis People Are Transphobic" sticker right next to a "Cannibalize Every Transphobe" sticker and I think now we are cooking with gas!

had a conversation tonight and we decided we like "nesting partner" better than words like wife or girlfriend.
It's accurate
It's cozy
We like it :)

this is the best way i can describe my gender expression honestly i think this is it for me

The lack of urinals in the women's restroom is transphobic. lack of changing tables in the men's room is transphobic. urinals, stalls, and changing tables in all the rooms!

Next year I'll pass that point where I've been in transition >50% of my life. It's a phase i'm sure.

When you go on a date and they're disappointed your vest isn't part of your physique. :blob_pensive:

Daily training intensifies!

Getting hit on by cis :( 

Yesterday my friend and I were at the archery range. Some alpha cis dude shows up with his compound bow, looks at us for a while, Sets his gear down next to ours and then sets a mint flavored condom down next to his gear and goes about shooting w/o ever saying a word.
🤢 🤢 🤢

I put a "All Cis People Are Transphobic" sticker right next to a "Cannibalize Every Transphobe" sticker and I think now we are cooking with gas!

Went fishing today. Did not catch anything edible. Mostly read a book. Grabbed some food from the soup kitchen.

I hope people who are both non-cis and non-het have long and fulfilling futures ahead of them!

Speaking off, if your in PDX and need some of those 'mones we have extra.📦

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Just my $0.02 though.
Trading transphobia never having existed and living in groups that accepted GNC/Trans people since prehistoric times who where accepted as they were, filled meaningful roles in society, and were celebrated for their Transness in their societies is better than any modern surgery or pill. Feel free to disagree.

Nearly all of our modern technology is another form of "Bread & Circus" that the Romans invented when they discovered that people didn't like being subjugated and oppressed. Cheap entertainments to distract us from the fact that we used to be Free, for 1,800,000 years and we could be again.

It's the real life version of the Matrix and what Lana was hinting at with the whole thing with Cypher and the steak.

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Today you're in your early 20's planning a homestead.. you start saving up for land deeds, cancer happens, the money is gone.

Next thing U know it's 20 years later and you've missed half your next marriage because the two of you were busy earning $$$ for what you could have for free and you never stopped dreaming about it and cry yourself 2 sleep but you let asking for a deed and permission get in the way of the life you could have had

Embrace your anarchist. Don't wait for permission to LIVE

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"Kill Your Landlord" would be great.

Try "Killing the Landlord" inside your head that keeps telling you that housing is a limited quantity and you have to choose one of the approved living spots, sell 8+ hours of everyday and get sick doing it, just to pay some asshole for what you could literally just build for almost free with a few families working together and never have to work another day under capitalism

It's a FREE choice YOU can make anytime. Red or Blue pill. Hurry up U R getting old

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You think you're a hardcore Anarchist because you do a parade without a permit and then return to your more or less 100% by he book with permission life.

Live without a permit. Really truly live your values and you will be truly freed.

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You don't have to wait for System Collapse to go back either. There are people right now doing it all over the place. Take your time. Go on a lot of 1 night camping trips. Scout places out. Find somewhere no one will visit for 30 years (that's a lot of places) that's not visible from air. Take the time to do a bit of building before move it. Remember, this is about living MORE comfortably and happily than under capitalism, not about "Roughing it". It's about living freely and without permission.

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Read how Hunter-gatherers lived.. in groups of about 3 dozen. that's like 4-6 polycules working together to enjoy and make a life together that's really not so different minus some tech that never really mattered and wasn't worth losing being with our children every second they grew or being able to go run off with a partner whenever u feel like it and go do whatever & sharing meals together & never coming home and having 2 scream about your boss/customer or take a pill because work makes u sick

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YES! In before we got Medicine.

We needed a lot less medicine before we Fafo'd our water and air and irradiated our planet with nukes, and let 3M poison absolutely everything.

like 99%+ of humanity could live 100% free though and we could rotate through the jobs (if able to ) and still keep enough to make medicine to freely share, but not enslave ourselves like we have last brief period of history.

HG culture can actually be a lot more supportive for disabled folks too. It's not either/or

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