If nothing else today i was able to make a romance of the three kingdoms joke and thats a once in a lifetime opportunity

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Me describing a game: the feeling of being able to beat off a room full of guys. Beat up. Beating up. Beat up a room full of guys...

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Can i go like... one day without wanting to kill myself?

The more historical a movie or game claims to be, the more critical you have to be of its inaccuracies.
Braveheart is complete fiction based on a poem about historical events. It portrays the british as complete monsters. Its fine.

The patriot is complete fiction based on a white washed version of colonial US history that portrays a slave owner as a freedom loving individual whos "free black workers" worked his plantation out of genuine love for his family. It ia complete trash.

What really sucks being into history and historical wargaming is you have to be extra vigilant to make sure you dont end up in *those* crowds. You do learn a lot more dogwistles to keep an eye out for though.

I had a dream i owned a share house with a bunch of people including some of you fuckers and let me say im still deciding if it was a dream or a nightmare

Help ive fallen for my friend but i dont know if itd work out and it super sucks


I suppose just slowly disappearing over time and naturally losing touch is as good as anything...

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Sometimes wonder if everyone i know would be happier if i were gone


Starting to be overwhelmed with self destructive urges and desires. I just want to not hurt...

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