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BPD triggers are fun because its like...
Completely normal thing happens
BPD Brain: this is fucked, youre fucked, everything is fucked, burn it all to the ground
Rational brain: that seems unreasonable
BPD Brain: *ties up Rational Brain and throws it out the window*

World of warcraft lore 

Honestly im still surprised people were shocked by villainess sylvanas considering well...

The Blight
Enslaving the valkyr to forcibly raise more undead
The invasion of Gilneas
What she did to Koltira

And that was all before she goes full villain mode in BFA. Its like her whole arc was building her up to repeat the downfall of arthas, up to and including what has since happened in shadowlands

So im gonna convert up a skaven army to just be the rat town from tails of iron

Ngl im kinda terrified of spiders and i nearly stopped playing dark souls 2 coz of *FUCKING* brightstone cove. Fuckken.

*i started plugging every hole i found in the house with blutac and electrical tape after that area*

Stellaris is only adding an aquatic species pack because theyre losing the big titty fish mommy demographic

Disney should re-remaster the original star wars trilogy once hayden christianson is old enough to replace himself as a force ghost in return of the jedi without looking out of place.

This is a joke

Lovely loading up the news and the leading headline is "did you know everyone hates people like you"

Researchers desperate to make a name for publishing groundbreaking studies, journals always chasing new results regardless of the quality in order to jump on the latest trends.

It is probably bar none the worst thing for science other than outright fake science published by special interest groups

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Publication bias is the leading cause of medical misinformation, and also probably the leading cause of vaccine hesitancy and bad policy during covid


Started having dreams like "what if i had friends" again

The paladin's oath of vengeance is basically tabletop shadow of mordor.

Misty step, stab, misty step, stab, command "KNEEL", repeat to taste

why do people have to make a big deal about me being trans? i'm just a woman with an unfortunate glandular condition called BOFA.

Anyone else hate the way conversations online trail off and you worry you upset the other person and they hate you now so you should not try tomessage them again

Lego ideas is basicaly "lego: nostalgia edition"

Unrelated but i want another 300$ lego set

Medical, mh - 

Contemplating taking some of my emergency meds. Been a while since ive needed antipsychotics to keep safe...

Personal, vent, not worth looking at tbh 

Its gotten to the point im noe having nightly breakdowns and almost as many suicidal episodes. I cant afford a therapist, i have no friends, there isnt anything to do outside so lockdown may as well have never lifted.

I just feel trapped by circumstance, alone, and unwanted. And i wouldnt want to burden anyone by trying to make friends so ive just given up on that too.

I just dont know what to do anymore...

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