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Like based on this a lot of evil races just become neutral. Orcs? Neutral they just follow divine signs by a god of elf hating. Drow? Neutral. They juat happen follow the rule of a mad spider queen matriarchy of blood sacrifice.

This then makes individual organisations evil instead of whole races, thus retroactively unfucking racial alignment by functionally erasing it.

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Dnd kinda messed up by having good and evil instead of like "yay help people" and "fuck yall help me" coz really thats how they keep portraying it

Religious shitpost 

Technically its impossible to eat a full jesus worth of eucharistic bread and wine because transubstantiation of the host means that each time the sacrament is performed more jesus is created meaning that there is in fact a theoretically infinite amount of jesus

mass effect mod that changes all the dialogue trees to actually display what shepard is going to say, instead of a vague and often misleading summary of what shepard is going to say

Nsfw nude selfie with a sword 

I need to get in shape and redo this pic :3

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Lewd joke, food 

@meandering_misfit based on her response it seems like the answer was yes

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