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Personal negative 

I feel hopeless, alone, and im worried what i might do...


Love how my bpd makes me withdraw from ppl i love coz i feel like they no longer need me. I mean its true but its still lonely.

Vague. Negative 

i know you dont need me anymore... whats the point in trying anymore...

nonbinary sex is any sex that involves more or less than two people, but never exactly two people, hope this helps

promo for a class im teaching 

if anyone wants a professional certificate for adobe after effects i'm teaching a course in january :3c

Personal mental health 

i thought i was doing better but... here we are...

Personal, negative, self harm, suicide. 

overwhelmed with a feeling of just... hopelessness. Nothing matters. I have no future. Im just existing because of ontological inertia not because i have any drive to exist or live.

And now the only thing i feel is an overwhelming desire to hurt myself.

Maybe i shouldve just ended it a long time ago...


Kinda sucks how one of my gfs basically spends half her time telling me how much better her finance is than me

The only skills i have are related to converting minis and sculpting. Also looking kissable allegedly


Anyone else get that feeling like "oh fuck im nearly 30 i wasted half of my life"

Like to be fair i guess growing up any time i had any passion to do something my family either mocked me or decided i wasnt serious and didnt deserve any help developing those skills.
Art, music, whatever it was always just "teach yourself. Im not gonna spend any money getting you proper lessons or equipment unless i see you doing the work"
*plays guitar for hours every day*
"Nah i doesnt count"

Assassins creed valhalla, colonialism, history. 

ironically, people arguing that having heroic vikings colonising england is bad glosses over the fact that the saxons and angles also colonised england and displaced the celtic britons.

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