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lewd, @reader 

If you're liking my posts I'm going to assume you're masturbating to them, and that's going to make me horny.

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lewd, @reader 

if I've made you horny, you should comment to explain how you'd violate me


i want dick!! i want tits!! i want pussey!!!

nude selfie, eye contact, no image description :boost_ok: 

bath bombs are lovely and nice tbh


Society that has so much casual, public sex that walking around with visibly cum-stained clothes is completely unremarkable.

Lewd, nude, teasy hihi :> 

It's been a white since I've posted my cute body on here, think it's about time again, don't you? :3

this has been the daily morgan update. thank you for your patronage


i'm not fingering myself you're fingering myself

lewd, @reader 

Please take advantage of me 🥺


I want a friendship where giving mutual oral sex is just part of how we greet one another.


"Yes! More!" -> Fuck me harder
"No! Stop!" -> Fuck me harder

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