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lewd, @reader 

If you're liking my posts I'm going to assume you're masturbating to them, and that's going to make me horny.

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lewd, @reader 

if I've made you horny, you should comment to explain how you'd violate me

happy 9/11 everyone! queen lizzie couldnt handle they them pussy



Feetfinder is neat and all, but when do we get Pitfinder?

now realizing a big problem with posting my horny thoughts: other people can see them

Nude nsfw nipples visible 

Good morning
Woke feeling needy and feeling like sharing. Alas for one reason or another that’s not happening soon.


Thought I’d share a sharing-day I had with a friend of mine in pre-covid times. Her husband joined us later in the day as my primary sat down to watch.

After all sharing is caring

NSFW, Explicit, consensual non-consent, implied drug use 

A bunch of rlly gay porn art from somewhat recently.



im wearing a mask in this one. you cant see it though cause i have a lot of hair


I took this yesterday so still technically #FemboyFriday? 🤔


this is what ive saved this can for lmao. i cant stay fully hard while taking a picture though so the effect is lost a little

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