I will not rest until someone calls my tits "daddy milkers" send toot

lewd, wish for different body features 

hate that my nipples are so small that it's hard to pull on them

food, masturbation 

Which one is weirder? Eating canned beans directly from the can or trying to cum onto your own face?

asking for a friend

lightly lewd 

thinking about when my hair got pulled

good times :blobhearteyes:

lewd, sex, order to reader, maths (I'm sorry) 

Yes, I'm into homotopy. Now get on all fours like a good girl!

sex, light cnc, not an actual addiction 

got my nipples sucked yesterday
now I'm addicted

I hope noone takes advantage of that :blobcatfearful: /s

my butt, or how I like to call it:
The penetrable fortress

Should I toot a hot selfie on public to attract cute queer people?

my horniness is hidden behind a wall of needing to cuddle today

Sometimes I'm surprised what fits in my butt when I'm really horny.

lewd, cum, 'you' 

Imagine cum contained estrogen, we would have feminizing cum parties all the time.

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lewd, cum, 'you' 

I like your cum as I like my E: Distributed on my skin.

sex toys in a non-sexual context 

Taking a dildo to pride because if things escalate I want to be the one who throws the first dick.

I went full circle and used my vibrator to massage my back.


I'd really love to sit on a dildo right now, feeling the pressure from the inside, slightly shifting in my butt as I move. Also I cannot stand up because otherwise my coworkers would see :blobcatmelt:

kink probably? 

You can say what you want about Austrian wedding traditions but making the husband drink from a shoe is kinky af.

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