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LOTS of tummy, kinda lewd, boosts okay 


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nudes, sex toy, domme-y, boosts/flirts very okay 

got this out and putting it on made me really horny

i'd love it if a cutie was here right now, bending over and wiggling their ass, desperately trying to get me to grab their hips and peg them into next week ✨

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nude, video, watch out :boost_ok: 

all i ever wanted was all the attention in the world

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July 4th is a special day for my partner @squiiks and myself. We were supposed to be celebrating at Anthrocon, but of course, that can't happen this year due to the pandemic. Instead, I commissioned poodlewool on Twitter for this absolutely beautiful piece commemorating just a few of the precious moments we've shared together!

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#furryart #commission #anthro #fursona #watercolor #furrycouple #furry

if you aint tryna drink cum 24/7 wtf are u doing?

lewd, music shitpost 

fulfilled a lifelong dream of having sex to a gerogerigegege album

also cause my brain is fucked i put on circus music and i couldn't focus on sucking dick cause i was laughing so hard

just the lewdest possible post, sex 

just had some really good sex omg

first i jerked off my boyfriend and made him cum in his wife's mouth

then i jerked her off and she came in MY mouth

then she stuck her butt in my face as i ate her out and i came all over my tummy

ahhhhhhhhh ✨

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opening my camera roll in public to post that selfie and revealing no less than 5 dick pics to the people behind me 🙃

tired: girldick
wired: "trans pennine"

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Suggestive irl pic, thembulge 

I love when my dysphoria comes back around, shatters, and now I love being like, fem/masc?

Also this is just a powerful feel

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Nudes, girldick 

Here are some of the nudes I took recently that I really liked <3 I hope others enjoy them as well <333

shaving, lewd meta 

it's been so long since i've had sex that for a minute i forgot that i have to shave beforehand

sex, polyam 

gonna get to suck my bf and his wife's dicks tomorrow 😊

furry, lewd 

WHY do dog furries always seem to have huge dicks...

i know like 5 of them and they all have massive cocks

not that i'm complaining, obviously

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really horny, in a weird kink way...

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[Hank Hill voice]
do I look like I know what a mpreg is??

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