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mid-distance shot of a storefront

i can be seen inside arguing with the store owner. the exchange continues for a few heated minutes before i turn on my heel and, fuming, leave the store.

the shopkeep breaks down in tears before hastily scribbling something on a piece of paper and taping it in the window

"enby sluts wanted"

Not once have I deleted a toot and regretted it. Write down an entire toot, read through it, decided no one needs to read it, and delete. Never regretted that even once.

now to uh, figure out how 3 of the 4 subcircuits broke, why they broke, and if they can be affordably/efficiently/lastingly repaired

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lol just spent way too long reversing a pretty simple circuit and then at the tail end realised that what i was looking at was almost verbatim the one example circuit i could find of (probably) the central IC involved

smh at all the people telling me I'm "valid" "cute" and "worthy of love" when they could be telling me I'm "18ft tall" "terrible beyond human comprehension" and "entirely covered with bees" 🙄

Got my very cute nonbinary bear sticker from @junebug ! You should go check out their shop it's awesome

driving manual transmission cars is just DDR for driving

selfie, ec, idk what boosting culture is these days so do what you want 

hi babes

Gay liberation is the freedom to love who you love, have the relationships and life that you want without institutional oppression, where the choice is YOURS.

If bi people can only choose "gay" relationships to be considered valid, then how is that liberating at all?

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selfie, no eye contact 

change of pace from posting about institutional abuse in ireland

me and wee búbú


was gonna actually write a joke here but i'm too sleepy

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I wanna be a koala. head empty, no thoughts, soft, two thumbs per hand, crawling with disease

had a full nights sleep last night so i fully expect the posts to be terrible today

linux update 

so a combination of a manjaro update, me not knowing what i'm doing, and then me trying to fix what i did wrong has, somehow, wrecked not only the manjaro installation but also grub.

sui (not anyone i know), architecture 

frankly losing my mind that they have had to temporarily close The Vessel, a literal staircase-to-nowhere shell of a building that was built with no purpose but to inflate the already astronomical value of surrounding property, because people keep killing themselves off of it

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