use of the and tags outside the sex worker community seems pretty limited, but, look. particularly if you are a trans and don't suck and live in the area we should hang

this includes the folk i specifically induced to join masto... but i'm gonna see y'all one way or another anyway

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weird how it's called Yuri On Ice but there aren't any wlw

wow getting these tights on was a little harrowing but... i'm kinda into them

@burgin instead of shutting out that dark passageway of your mind:
say "girls are cute."

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honestly i love how half-off tops feel, even in non-lewd contexts. today i was wearing a loosely-zipped hoodie over t-shirt and the hoodie spent most of the day dangling off one shoulder and i loved it

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systemic violence (obliquely), autonomy - but self-actualisation/self-image +, lukewarm take alert Show more

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