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mid-distance shot of a storefront

i can be seen inside arguing with the store owner. the exchange continues for a few heated minutes before i turn on my heel and, fuming, leave the store.

the shopkeep breaks down in tears before hastily scribbling something on a piece of paper and taping it in the window

"enby sluts wanted"

@hyperlink recording podcasts: cute
not recording podcasts: scary
recording podcasts (but unbeknownst to you of the present, later you're gonna ~edit that segment out!~): cute AND scary

when three people do a 69 thats a sharingan

desperately attempting playful banter with commuters on the train while holding a giant desktop mic and pop filter

any moment i am not actively recording a podcast is now sheer terror to me. my constant panic is only soothed by the red microphone recording light

nipples/breasts, hrt 

A friend: Hey Ro. You're not wrong, but you're really hard on white folks.

Me: So?

Friend: Have you ever thought about being the bigger person? Your words kind of cut sometimes and maybe taking the edge off them might help reach them?

Me: I'm not trying to reach white folks, so no. And considering the history of oppression that is still killing people in the States, I'm being the *bigger person* by not hating white people period.

Friend: Damn. I didn't think about it like that.

The expectation is that we have to be 'patient' because the task is 'hard' and 'difficult', meanwhile toxic bigots are finding footholds on the platforms that *talk* about doing something, but it's just PR.

There's the belief that vulnerable communities having to deal with platforms housing bigots is just 'part of the process' and we have to 'just deal.'

But that's pure bullshit. These places have no intention of being better. They just want numbers.

And fuck who gets harmed in the process.

due to budget cuts, you can now only have one pronoun

sorry, but you're going to have to choose between they and them

love the cat photos but people with dogs are holding out on me, personally

pls make more dog photos ty

I got so much energy smh it feel like I been T posing for months 🤦🏾‍♀️

with the general election fast approaching i'd appreciate it if jk rowling could provide a comprehensive guide as to how each harry potter character would vote to help me make up my mind.

any other... hr'm... late bloomers get nervous in queer spaces? like, i have lived most of my life trying to act in a straight-coded way, i do not know all the subtle signifiers or whatever, i do not know how to Be



I got tew much time on my hands. Heads up cuz I said 'tussy' really loud lmaoo 🤦🏾‍♀️

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