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mid-distance shot of a storefront

i can be seen inside arguing with the store owner. the exchange continues for a few heated minutes before i turn on my heel and, fuming, leave the store.

the shopkeep breaks down in tears before hastily scribbling something on a piece of paper and taping it in the window

"enby sluts wanted"

@gayalien @muppetbutler piercing my eyes together so I dont have to read your disrespect

gross, lip chewing 

boost if you wanna except seems like folks already did soooo

Under communism we'll just have one of the smoothness

i love to use they and them pronouns for other people and myself

I've never been able to think of the medieval days the same way after learning that they walked different. They walked toe-heel, not heel-toe because they wore soft-soled shoes.

going to paint a realistic looking tunnel into a cliff wall so the ice officers drive into it


if you aint fucking ICE, i cant fuck with you fam

dropping a big ass anvil on an ICE patrol car from high on up

I am the Rock the feeble waves of your binary systems break against

This might hinder the development of Mastodon Enterprise Edition.

@Gargron I dunno, at these toot prices we're practically GIVING THEM AWAY!

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