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mid-distance shot of a storefront

i can be seen inside arguing with the store owner. the exchange continues for a few heated minutes before i turn on my heel and, fuming, leave the store.

the shopkeep breaks down in tears before hastily scribbling something on a piece of paper and taping it in the window

"enby sluts wanted"

Guild Wars 2 

Guild Wars 2 

Guild Wars 2 

lewd shitpost 

lewd shitpost 

my horde, whom must leaven, shadowed be thy aim.


lewd shitpost 

@bryn you didn't like my quality post?? how come?? what could I have done to improve it?

He may have deleted it, but let the record show that he did say, and this is a direct quote, "y'all really should consider shitting [...]"

hello, it is night on the internet

(selfie, eye contact)

i'm downloading GWII so maybe i'll play it some time idk you fuckers don't hold me to anything

breath of the wild: how to break a man

animal eye contact, adorable rats 

throwing the iphone at the wall to free the spirit inside

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