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gam design, selfies 

Not unusually for this kind of work , some of our projects have evolved into something new, while others have been refined and developed. We hope you anticipate and enjoy all the gams we plan to release this year; here's a taster of what's in store.

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robokink, care, to reader, sense dep 

Temperature and pressure sensors activate below your hip, resolving into the familiar fingertips of your engineer. She holds them there for the moments it takes your motor system to fully wind down, squeezes a little tighter, then releases.
The sudden silence lays heavy, presses your frame down into the cushioned table, so that the shift of fabric feels at once far away and right by your aud-proc unit. She's moving, but you can't see where. Just as you asked.

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Selfies, legs 

I have been successfully reminded that I claim to be a gam dev and yet I havent released any gams in months, so here is a quick look at some of the projects i've been working on.

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obscure specific trashpost, evangelion 

Rebuild of Death and Rebith: Evangelion 3.99: you may (not) finish

trans trashpost, genitals 

petit bulgeois

cw: gender shitpost 

Jokes on you, i was already a lesbian

cw ~, ice breaker, god ive missed cws 

eventually ill figure out the ideal series of words to best mitigate the awkwardness of a 231 day hiatus

selfie, tummy, nude adj 

starting to think pills might not be such a bad idea

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orchiectomy+, trans history 

> The [gallus] throws off her clothes, rushes to the center with a great shout and takes up a sword, which, I believe has stood there for this purpose for many years. She grabs it and immediately castrates herself. She rushes through the city holding in her hands the parts she cut off. She takes female clothing and women's adornment from whatever house she throws these parts into.
De Dea Syria 50-51

nobody told me i could exchange them for outfits >:(

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sapphic trans history 


"Women desire the Galli [transfeminine priestesses of Cybele] and the Galli go mad for a woman. Yet, no one is jealous, for they
consider the matter quite holy" (Lucianus, De Dea Syria 22).

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work, performance, +~, lewd, silly 

no but actually do fuck me tho

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work, performance, +~ 

oh fuck me i had my performance meeting and it turns out it's just gossipy jobsworths thank fuck

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clumsy but ends up being ok, selfie, eye contact 

gotta do laundry one last time before I'm incapacitated by surgery >
too tired to do laundry >
make up some tea >
spills tea on white top >
oh well there's still space for whites

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food, silly, subtoot, - ~ 

binge watching cookie rating videos and crying about girls

lewd, dream, minor curse 

dreamt i had nipples but before i could run to my clamps drawer i woke up :blob_pensive:

misgendering, conversation, - - - 

"thank you sir"

i'm not a sir, but thank you

"i was just being polite"

i don't think that's very polite

"well you're a real *𝘨𝘦𝘯𝘵𝘭𝘦𝘮𝘢𝘯*"

i'm actually not

"well i can't see down the phone"

i would appreciate if you didn't assume in future, please

"*something about making less of a fuss which ive blocked from my memory*"

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cisgender buzzkills: “ugh being transgender is super serious. it’s a serious condition that needs to be treated seriously. you can’t possibly enjoy being transgender, it’s terrible and painful!”

me: *dips my gender in a glass of milk to make it a little softer and milky when I eat it*

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lesbian awakening, but talking about one specific lesbian who is having breakfast


turns out rollerskating in the suburbs is real fukken hard with the shitty uk road/pavement surface, but

kink shitpost 

2022 release: "The Shape of Wood"

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