I not only want to participate in a pile of cuddles but also with kisses and all the other nice stuff that makes one horny and involves body fluids

I need some cuddles! Long cuddles! Intense cuddles!

missing lewd content, secret lewd superpower 

There is surprisingly little lewd content of trans femmes who can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone

damn that's so hot, especially because I can do that, too! xD

My nipples are super sensitive!

I got a distinct feeling that I misunderstood the :blobcatmelt: emoji

Pls explain

deep-ish thoughts, happy for others 

Sometimes I wish that I was able to transition in my early 20s, but information about transgender topics was virtually non-existent until I was in my mid 30s. On the other hand, I'm 42 now, and I feel like I'm in my mid 20s again.

And I'm extremely happy that our community and our visibility grows, and that we empower each other. Be it lewd, be it non-lewd. Be it with intimacy or purely by communication.

Secret Super Power: Orgasm by nipple stimulation

Or as I call it: Girlcum by the press of button(s)

Faving my way through a profile and then realize it's from my kink account



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