ignore me I'm a useless comment 

Oh my god the fedi is having a couple of very out there days currently, huh

lmao i just saw some dumpass claim reagan would've handled the pandemic better

hey furries, fun fact! you ever seen a mothsona with boobs and also really fluffy antennae? that moth is trans as heck

I make a terrible boyfriend. Not because I'm a girl, I am literally constructing a really bad guy to be in a relationship with

Trans men? :valid:
Trans women? :valid:
Nonbinary people? :valid:
Gays? :valid:
Lesbians? :valid:
Bisexuals? :valid:
Pansexuals? :valid:
Aro/ace people? :valid:
Queer people who use other words to describe themselves? :valid:

Cishets? You can stay but you're on thin fucking ice.


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