nails done

kinda desperate, in a depressed way, for some orgasms

life's shitty rn so I need dopamine

Lewd, crossdressing 

everytime I get to be alone in the workshop I want to crossdress and feel sexy and wanted and fuckable. I might be able to do some work but then when I'm done I don't want to change, so I spend too much time in this state, sometimes till morning. My biorhythm is fucked. I'm afraid it's some kind of addiction (porn and masturbation is often involved). I am unable to see what is 'true' and what is 'burning out'. How to have it under some kind of control? I want to work too.

special form of self-fraud-police:

"you're just a white male cishet with a kink, stop pretending you are in any way queer or non-binary. you are just hurting others by contributing to cishet fakery just in order to get off to objectified women body parts"

If you are designing a simple website that's is 18+ and NSFW, what html or technical measures are available to somehow exclude the minors - or at least ages where straight-up in-your-face pornography would be damaging to a certain group? In other words, how to "tag" a website that it is intended to adult audience?





I don't know how to come out since I still don't really know what to come out as.

While I'm figuring out what is it that is there, what are simply kinks, what is my gender expression, my sexuality, what is my identity, perhaps people around me who love me also need time and space to figure it out how to handle my kinks, my (public) expressions, sexuality, my identities...

I showed my SO myself in black tunic/dress. If I could sense anything (I was scared) I perceived her reaction as half 'what is this weirdness?' half 'oh idk, i don't see it'. (she said it's too open on the sides, looking seductive - not like something thay would seduce her)

I'm heavily resisting any drama. My first line of thought is 'i was not really acknowledged' and 'I should pretend it's nothing' and 'maybe this can work out if I'm totally confident and give zero fucks' (although I'm not!)

i did some photos yesterday and today, and I hope to write a short journal entry today.

after a year of lurking, feeling this account has a chance to be more active.

I'm closeted demiflux (static male + fluidly femme). often hornt & lewd. underwear fetishist.

feminist in uneasy tension with hypersexualisation imagery and pronography addiction.

i want to write about it more, make my journey relevant to others but also have a selfish outlet to release the steam. would love to compare notes too.

artist by day.

So I've spent my whole day alone in girl panties with lace and short black skirt and long shirt. evening of coding html for my own online journal.

i want to show you lewd pictures of me but i'm afraid to be identified. is anyone else like that?

redescovering this account. I'm actually preparing a blog space on neocities where I could document about my gender-sexual struggles. do you think it would come handy to someone?

Porn addiction 

And I wonder how my desires and practice of crossdressing transforms if I stop consuming porn completely. There's a part there that is connected to that hypersexualized image of women bodies, but there's also a part that is connected to... vulnerability ? Sensibility, gentleness? I don't know and maybe that's a part I can slowly explore, wait it out, to see what happens.

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Porn addiction 

After previous weekend I faced my porn addiction. Watching online porn is pretty much a waste of time and it messes with your head and erotic imagination, what turns you on, etc.. I'm quite certain of this. I'm tired of hypersexualization and objectification of female bodies. It's mostly gross if you really think of it. I don't want to stuff that shit in my head, although I might relapse but really I don't want to do that anymore. I think /érotisme/ can be so much more.

Hi, happy to be on girlcock.club. I'm teribly hornt a lot of time, and I might post some of my own photos of different body parts. Properly CWd of course. Please let me know if I'm overstepping some boundaries in the local community.

I'm interested in inter-human communication here and looking forward to engage in community.

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