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Privater Deme Boundaries 

This account is mostly for close(r) friends, partners, metamours etc and so most of what I put here is either venting, gushing, or personal life stuff.

As such please assume I don't want anything without a boost button talked about outside of this account.

Other than that, if I added you here I like/trust you and don't anticipate needing to set a lotta account specific-boundaries but will update as necessary 💜

Sometimes, even as my body falls apart, I feel like maybe if I just pushed harder I can still do everything like an able bodied person

What kinda horrible dystopia do we live in where subtle prodding can make me question if someone who has spoken to me once & is paid to have a bias against my interests actually knows more about my body than me?

Meta, abusers 

When you don't think about someone for a long time and then you see their name

And it feels like a silly thing

Until you're still thinking about them an hour later, the mutual folks that might be in your life, the pain they might cause them, and

Realize the impact they've had on you is much deeper than you're comfortable with

Do you ever daydream about changing your number so your family would stop calling you, finally?

Haha neither do I...unless 😳

Me, laying in bed, unable to get up bc I feel awful: I dunno I just feel like I should be at work rn tho

Still a little in disbelief that when I went to school for community dev my mom became a real estate agent a year later 👀💦

RIP my bed

I did my best to get the glittery eye shadow off but... 😔

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Ace Feel 3 

This isn't anything that's happening to me, but it's something I see happening in other ace folks relationships a lot and I always wonder how they're being treated in private

Even if it's only a public thing, the dynamics I mentioned still are there so it's very... It feels indicative of resentments that are kinda uncomfy

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Ace Feel 2 

I think like, making posts like this sometimes can be okay, but if that's all you ever say about them it feels like a subtle attempt to get them to have more sex with you

The first ones are obvious "my partner isn't having sex with me enough :c" kinda

But I assume the latter are positive reinforcement, the only nice things I say are when they've fucked me and focus on the parts I like so the only way they can get me to be affectionate is to fuck me again

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Ace Feel 1 

I know I've said it before but

Ace/Allo couples where the allo partner only ever makes sexual posts about their partner make me uncomfortable

This is true regardless of if the format is:
[Partner] is so hot, we did [whatever]
I love my partner but I just want to have sex all the time and [polite variation on they won't] so who will?
I love when [Partner] does [whatever]
[Partner's whatever] is so sexy

US Pol, semi Shittoot semi Serious 

Waiting for just the right moment in this election cycle to mass DM all my non-US friends in non fascist run states so we can figure out who's gonna marry me and get me the fuck outta here


If I went outside and got a snax, what snax should I get?

Fuck this reminds me I need to update *MY* map*

*my map shows and categorizes all the food I like/dislike in my town UwU

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A crush *sends me link to a page where I can see their run on an interactive map as a humble brag/include me in it*

Me: Okay I have like 400 million questions about these sexy maps 🤤

Went up to my roof and took my mask off and it's so nice to kinda be able to breathe again in this new year

Shanah Tova

US Pol, bitter 

Imagine if we didn't have a political system where someone could pull in power by refusing to retire at a proper time, which they then use to market themselves for over a decade building up a legacy and wealth at the expense of terrifying a solid chunk of the nation's population in the process while also somehow get lauded for it

Pandemic Sicktoot 

Broke: I need to get better so my partners stop worrying about me

Woke: I need to get better so my partner and I can go back to cuddling and watching JoJo

Glad to see "trying to decide if I have time to poop before my doctor calls since she's already late" translates to telemedical calls

Y'all, my journal is pulling the weight of an IRL social circle, physical activity, and a licensed therapist right now in keeping my mental health afloat and it deserves a fucking medal

Food Distribution Rant 4 

Just like, imagine if apartment complexes did anything to foster and empower the communities they build in ways that actually make the residents' lives better

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Food Distribution Rant 3 

The complex could partner with local farmers & food producers, and create more direct systems of food procurement for the residents in bulk, which the residents then benefit from in that they can fresher produce more often, without just keeping it until it spoils

A greater control in procurement is possible this way, and more flexibility on what to do with excess produce can be decided at a community level, or at least by someone not profiting off food & food waste

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