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Tested a new codegen for my compiler yesterday. Due to a memory corruption issue, it mangled all auto-generated identifiers to 'aaaaaaaa'. Mood, my little darling, mood.

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open for dom 

go drink some water right now, you thirsty little mess

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Dear Fantasy Writers,

please stop making e v e r y s i n g l e s t o r y you touch about slaying dragons. We've just about had enough of it.

Boonami, Your friendly neighbourhood dragon girl.

P.S.: or else

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US politics, violence mention 

Been calling it for a while now, but I wanted to write it down so I can later point to it and tell you "I told you so":

Trump will either be shot or re-elected.

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last night the dude i hooked up with said to me, "you don't have to keep dabbing"

horrible sui joke, jazz 

me: oof really got the blues today, those cyanide pills are looking tasty af
dave brubeck: take five

Me: Hmm I need a new password
*opens dm's, picks out a trans bottom*
Me: Hey You're cute!
Them: Thanks! Your new password should be 32 characters long and use letters, numbers, special characters as well as being totally random!

tests are showing sleepiness levels at 78%

(78%) ■■■■■■■□□□

and these are not rare with donald "donald trump" trump. scary to think that sending an angry tweet probably costs him more energy than sending an angry nuke

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remember, that button is being carried around with him at all times. one hissyfit may be enough to get humanity exterminated

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i don't know if anybody should have a button that kills millions of people, but i'm having a hard time thinking of a person less qualified for that than donald "grab her by the pussy" trump

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tbh who gives af about iran having a few nuclear weapons while donald "just nuke the middle east" trump is in charge of the biggest arsenal on earth

love/hate relationship subreddits, cw: transphobia, slurs 

/r/CuteTraps already sets the mood with its name. The sub is all about cute and wholesome drawings of our favourite non-cis amab anime characters. Getting drawn in by queer cuteness, you're bound to be repulsed by the comments, filled with male pronouns, transphobic remarks and the worst kind of thirsty innuendo, often at minor-looking characters. But how can one say no to cute stuff like this picture of Astolfo?

Friend: He's such a shit person, but what can I do?

Me: There's only one possible solution.

Me: *removes my sunglasses to look my friend directly in the eye*

Me: A murder.

Friend: *a look of panic enters her eyes*

*two days later*

Shit Person: Why are there all these crows on my roof? They're so loud. There's bird shit everywhere. God!

i've been wondering if this "i am strong, i can take some abuse" mentality is just residual toxic masculinity and i should allow myself to be soft, weak and vulnerable more often. but then again, sucking it up and solving the problem seems better than just curling up and letting the issues pile onto each other. usually i'd recommend people in this situation to prioritize, focus on the important stuff and delay other things, but i don't see anything i could push back (any more) right now...

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usually i'm a primordial dragon mommy, hugging people, listening to them, telling them it's ok. but there are days where i feel like curling up into someone's lap and just crying for a bit... i can usually take it, i've been taking it for years now, but those moments where life just goes "now that's a lotta damage! how about some more?" have been becoming more and more frequent lately...

lowkey body horror? 

i had been scratching something on my throat. looking into the mirror i just realized that not only has it been bleeding quite a bit, the blood clot has also enclosed a strand of hair...

capitalism = live in a capital
communism = live in a commune
socialism = live in a society

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