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it's good when a crisis of self becomes exploration of self, followed by acceptance of self

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*stares into the night*
r u coming for me?
or am i coming for u?

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wanting to post lewd pics i like has lead to actual self care, so lewds are self care

rearranging my room, lewd 

:ec: :boost_ok: :clw_selfie: selfie time 

need to know more trans women, develop a support network, have someone to talk to on the reg abt gender stuff... it's an ongoing project I suppose

PDX Trans Community Dinner (in December) 

been alt posting on main i think. maybe i'll hang a sign that says "will come back when feeling lewd"

belief, relationships 

Nudes, my butt, boosts+, you know the drill 

let the past die. kill it, if you have to. that's the only way to become what you're meant to be

this past week i have been on a mission to hang / go out with a lot of friends and push myself more to enjoy being femme in public, wear my hair down, larger earrings, nails neatly done, up my makeup a little more than usual etc

being out and visible and establish this more as my default state and its doing a ton to improve my self worth and fight back against anxiety

coming out, family, screaming, caps (+++) 

started hrt today
that's pretty much it, a mundane yet emotional step

introduction, lewd, nudity, genitals, camming 

bi people arent straighter than gay people

hrt, +, caps 

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