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it's good when a crisis of self becomes exploration of self, followed by acceptance of self

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experiencing beauty by just accepting it, letting it become part of me

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*stares into the night*
r u coming for me?
or am i coming for u?

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wanting to post lewd pics i like has lead to actual self care, so lewds are self care


i'm not dysphoric about my dick, i'm dysphoric about people thinking i'm a guy

selfie no ec, clothed but visible nipple 

gf gave me a cute top and i'm very into it :boost_ok:

rearranging my room, lewd 

damn do i miss sharing pics of my ass, and damn do i not have a good backdrop right now

:ec: :boost_ok: :clw_selfie: selfie time 

I tried my phones "selfie mode" where it fakes a short depth of field and does skin "corrections" but I decided I liked the untouched one better anyways here's this jacket and I love it and need to wear it more often.

need to know more trans women, develop a support network, have someone to talk to on the reg abt gender stuff... it's an ongoing project I suppose

PDX Trans Community Dinner (in December) 

Gonna take this moment where we're desperate for community in the face of colonialist propaganda to post this

been alt posting on main i think. maybe i'll hang a sign that says "will come back when feeling lewd"

belief, relationships 

much like how believing in god led me to unbelief, practicing monogamy for years is why i'm poly now. i don't ever want to build my life around one person again.

Nudes, my butt, boosts+, you know the drill 

Gimme the flirts!

...please and thank you.

let the past die. kill it, if you have to. that's the only way to become what you're meant to be

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this past week i have been on a mission to hang / go out with a lot of friends and push myself more to enjoy being femme in public, wear my hair down, larger earrings, nails neatly done, up my makeup a little more than usual etc

being out and visible and establish this more as my default state and its doing a ton to improve my self worth and fight back against anxiety

coming out, family, screaming, caps (+++) 

*deep breath*

started hrt today
that's pretty much it, a mundane yet emotional step

introduction, lewd, nudity, genitals, camming 

hi fediverse :blobcat: i'm Nicolette Bellerose! i'm a on with a body and a big :3 hoping to make some fedi friends and maybe get some more viewers for my shows ❀️

you can find me on Chaturbate at, hope to see you there :blobheart:

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