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it's good when a crisis of self becomes exploration of self, followed by acceptance of self

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experiencing beauty by just accepting it, letting it become part of me

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*stares into the night*
r u coming for me?
or am i coming for u?

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pls boost my selfies into the sun i crave validation

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wanting to post lewd pics i like has lead to actual self care, so lewds are self care


masturbating is good and fun for me personally, but why does it feel better to accidentally touch my nipples through my clothes? still trying to figure out erotic touch what the heck

reclining on a pile of clothes, boobs out, as is my prerogative

sex, trans experience from a personal point 

now, yeah things are still compartmentalized. when i go into a space i'm not out in it's difficult. but, say, if i use the strap on my girlfriend or have a long cuddle, or something, there's an energy that comes, that carries over into the following days. this very important part of me was true and visible and loved.

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trans experience from a personal point 

when i wasn't out at all and knew that i had gender yet to be explored, and it was really pushing against the walls i'd built, i was having a really hard time meeting people, being a part of things that were totally optional. i knew that i wasn't showing up as me even though i didn't know what me was. it's all connected because i'm involved, yet i was really trying to do things with no self attached, trying to work around this silent boulder in my life.

barely lewd selfie 

throwback to some time this summer

lewd d/s 

i said, out loud, that i should get a dominatrix outfit, but i don't know what that means? rolling my sleeves up? aaaahhajajssklsl

lewd for sure 

fucked my gf with my new strap on and it was :blobnom_trans: :slimeheart:

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lewd i guess? 

tried on my strap on today and i felt *powerful*

lewd selfie no ec 

:boost_ok: this is for all the horny people, i'm really bored at work and looking through my phone. sorry the quality's not better! (also damn, i gotta work on my room)

not to be a bit of a cunt on main but i'd love to see the day where a post about finding men attractive didn't have a sarcastic/dismissive comment under it

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if capitalism is just about supply and demand then how come nobody fuckin asked for fuckin advertising but there's an endless supply of it shoved in our faces all fuckin day forever

kinda sad kinda cleansing 

leery in the streets, crying in my room along with a character in a tv show whose sense of self was stolen


i'm not dysphoric about my dick, i'm dysphoric about people thinking i'm a guy

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