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it's good when a crisis of self becomes exploration of self, followed by acceptance of self

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*stares into the night*
r u coming for me?
or am i coming for u?

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wanting to post lewd pics i like has lead to actual self care, so lewds are self care

bi people arent straighter than gay people

hrt, +, caps 

good night y'all, i'm gonna go take care of myself in meatspace


get to know your area. like the beacon on the hill, spinning, warning planes away. i love that lighthouse above the ocean of traffic

walked down the sidewalk looking for washers in the gutter, noticed that the street had been swept recently.

don't worry, they're flat, they tend to stay behind. like i have. realized there's a kinship, and a good feeling from lifting them up and bringing them along.

we don't have to stay behind <3

lewd, dysphoria 


dim selfie, eye contact 

when we're young we're most excited for our 20s, bc that's when all the fun is supposed to happen. and it is fun but it's also chaotic and confusing

i've accomplished a fair amount in my life, but im confident that what lies ahead will be even more thrilling. i know what brings me true joy, and how to invite that into my life

anyway this year i'm older than the life expectancy of trans women of color, so statistically they don't get to experience this chapter and that's extremely fucked up

gaslighting family and coworkers by raising my voice a half tone every week

Copping the osha simulator game idea 

(🎡 What if goat was one of us
10 foot tall like one of us🎡 )

Fairy Play has a new page. Daiki and a satyr take to the stage and fumble through a scene despite Daiki's sheer terror.

CW nudity, violence, 420, fire, lewd


CW for the preview image: fire

Good morning, deluxe friendmuffins

Mostly what I'm thinking now is: Fuck it. We need a trans day of rage.

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