Well this week is gonna be a quiet one.

Hiii. Missed you mastoverse!

Everything is absolutely terrible and I hate life!

Crying at work because my team is wonderful, which is a huge change from some previous places, where I’ve just cried due to being there.

Needles, injections, mild pain 

You’d think by now I knew not to push the needle further than that… but I clearly don’t and now my thigh really hurts.

Kind of want to start looking in to whatever GRS is called this week, but at the same time, feel super disheartened as we’re all about to die even more than usual so what’s the point.

Today everything hurts, and I think the physical pain is easier to deal with.

Facial surgery, bruising, gross feeling hair 

Week and a couple of days post FFS. Not comfortable, but not in pain. Healing.

The Tech industry 

I am so over entitled engineer children demanding to be the centre of the universe.

Work, frustration, computers, vulnerability 

Which half decade old bug that once affected your infrastructure do you clutch to today as a terrifying risk?

Trans controversy 

I sometimes feel I am the only trans person who actively dislikes Fluevogs.

Asofterworld references, self loathing 

Ignoring the fact that I’m not American, can I dodge the draft by being trans and having a split tongue (the military are weird about them)?


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