podcasts suicide 

Hosting my suicide note on Square Space to boost engagement.

After 2 and a half years of avoiding the shit out of outside and not seeing people am kinda mad that I had to go to the DMV which appears to be a virus sharing centre with a sideline in car related bureaucracy.

Well on the positive I had a strong and optimistic foundation of mental health going in to this period of existence.

Discord has perfectly recreated the feeling of IRC in the sense that I idle on a tonne of servers and channels and every few weeks say something like “heh” and then smoke bomb away in to the night.

Basically a text adventure thirst trap.

“Head south…”

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Made so much worse by wearing awesome new jewellery for the first time.

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The desire to thirst trap for much needed attention vs. the in no way able to due to being incredibly “between hair removals”.

sex bodily fluids Margaret bacteria 

People are always like “actually; your phone has more bacteria on it than a toilet seat!”.

Yeah I know Margaret, I don’t use my toilet seat for filming fucking water sports scenes in a parking lot!

Can tech go back to hiring “ninjas” over “rockstars” please?

If I see one more guitar in the background of someone’s Zoom I’m going to continue being irrationally annoyed by it.

This is so embarrassing. I was today years old when I found out the “T” in LGBTQI+ wasn’t for “theatre kid”.

drug interactions side effects physics 

Okay, in the original Elite, when you’re attempting (and fail) to dock. The rotation of the space station compared to your view. That axis.

So if someone in the chat in their late 30s+ could add a letter to the word “axis”, that wouldn’t stop it or help me dock (don’t) at all.

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drug interactions side effects physics 

This drug gives me such a weird flavour of dizziness. I feel like I’m rotating, I guess spinning slowly, but not on the plane one expects. (Whatever xyz I say will be wrong, and someone with an education will be offended).

I keep going to stop the falling sensation, and yeah not in to this.


Actually “masturbation” is probably the CW tag I meant, but honestly I think I’m cross eyed at the moment.

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Okay, I don’t always sing the praises of this trans thing, but the orgasms when they hit, they hit different.

The only kind of “brilliant asshole” I want in my life is the kind that’s like salt to a margarita.

“At <company> we’re like a family…”

Yeah and I don’t want to be in a room with them either, so no I not going to work from your stupid office.

Saying “your words” in a discussion let’s say, in my own head, is not a great look.

anxiety “self help” 

Excited to announce my new book “Feel the fear, and have a panic attack anyway”.

alcohol addiction dehabilitation 

Not enough people talk about the downsides of sobriety, you only hear the positive ones.

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I’m really going to have to start drinking again if I’m going to feel this shit every weekend. No gain, just pain.

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