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kink shitpost, this is so not how this works 

sex where you don't hit me is a soft limit for me so please ask each time before you want to do it

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sometimes there are more colors than other times and I don't know why

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my body is a whole twice as tall as me and I'd like that fixed

it's a good feeling when I assure someone something is fun and not as scary as it seems and then they do it and have fun and its not as scary as they thought

lewd silly 

wow, this is almost as easy and fun as I am!

genital pain kink shitpost (cbt) 

tired: cock and ball torture
wired: ball peen hammer

honestly though sometimes plurality does feel like this a teeny bit. Neat sometimes to have blurry lines between people sometimes. not an all the time thing though.

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I'm the princess in the fairy tale, sighing dreamily and wondering when xar fated love will arrive to choke xan out

ph~/+, exercise 

lo I have become exercised, stinkifier of kobolds

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if I walk around right after I work out I feel like mulan trying to look tough to join the army

breath holding 

I,,,, really need to remember to do this more than once every three days πŸ˜–

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breath holding 

what the fuck are these numbers I almost never hit 2 minutes on the first try, nice

### 2021-12-01
- breathe 0:52.35 (45 breaths) hold 2:01.75
- breathe 0:49.28 (45 breaths) hold 1:54.14
- breathe 0:53.19 (45 breaths) hold 2:24.11
- breathe 0:53.89 (46 breaths) hold 2:28.11

My employer is hiring junior devs! JS (angular.js and vue 3), and C#. Remote, NE Ohio preferred, EST working schedule. DM me if you're interested.

:adora_no: letting the algorithm give you "good stuff"
:adora_yes: letting your friends recommend you straight ass fire shit that slaps you like a bitch and you like it!!!

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evil scientist voice: they all said it couldn't be done! but i have done it! [evil cackle] i have created it.... the cock hungry emoji!!!!!!


"religion is the source of all evil. it is religions fault that we have homophobia, sexism etc" damn u r so right . good thing there's no homophobic or sexist athiests


What's better than getting to say "You don't own me" because I know exactly who does :3c

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