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Hello everyone!

My name is Arina. I'm a , , femininely-leaning person. Sadly pre-everything.

I enjoy , , , , and .

I'd love to make this account my place for ramblings, shitposts, weird LGBT+-related jokes, etc. And also posting some stuff that isn't related to . (Kink list in the follow-up post).

Anyway, I hope to make some new friends and have some fun here! πŸ˜„

TBH I wonder if a person with a belly can wear a corset more or less comfortably.

If I get to the name-changing part of my transition, I will be very tempted to do something ludicrously over the top.
Arina-Artemis Catherine Sofia Fionna Siri Kayla S****ova.

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So um...
Does anyone on the 'verse know what happened to ?

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i want massive tits. i wanna fill out a megamilk shirt. i want huge anime knockers.


Another thing I wanna do one day:
Dressing up in full bimbo garb (with a platinum blonde wig and super-heavy makeup) and teasing my enbydick with a magic wand.

Kink thoughts, lady-to-maid 

"Oh Margaret, you simply cannot be serious! Come, come, let's get you out of this maid dress and return you to the high society! You're the Duke's heiress!"
"Oh ma'am, but why would I? The high society is full of pervs an' creeps! I'd much rather stay by my Missus' side an' clean!"

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Kink thoughts 

What if social downgrade, but really liberating to the person undergoing said downgrade?

This is not a new concept, I've read those stories a couple times before. But really, now that I think about it, I feel like I really should write one as well.

*No fears*
*If you transition, you'll spend a TON of money on sex toys and plushies*
*One fear*

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nsfw selfies (suggestive, light nudity), drone kink 

corporate pinup calendar ;2c

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Job Search Ad Basically, Boost!! 

Hello, I am Roxie. I am a freelance software dev (prefers backend stuff) who can do python real well and am beginner enough with go and node-js/node-ts that I can be supervised on that. Basically need some work before Christmas. If you need someone to do that then message me thanks uwu

Kink woes 

*Reading a lady-to-maid story*
*The story approaches an interesting twist in which a girl has to serve her parents as a maid*
Me: All right, I'm interested~
*In the story, the girl's mother says that the maid persona "stole her daughter from her" and that "she will pay"
Me: 😬

drone kink, breathplay 

Mandatory breathing is optional for drones into such breathplay.

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drone kink 

What if dronification that's basically recreation of Darth Vader's first suit-up but just infinitely hornier?
The newly minted drone buckling their hips and moaning in countless orgasms as a bunch of robots assemble their new skin around them.
And it all finishes with a huge glossy mask lowered over their head, the new HUD initializing.
And then... Breathe in... Breathe out... But of course the substance they breathe in and out is dronification gas.

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girldick pic, domme, musk, boosts good 

ok cutie, stay still

i'm gonna press the tip right up against your nose and you're gonna breathe in as hard as you can, ok sweetie?


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actual irl nudes, me, visible gens, boosts+ 

angle experiments πŸ’–
I think this would be a good position for getting played or felt up by a cutie~

gender shitpost 

The two genders are: Jessica by The Allman Brothers Band and Balaclava by The Wideboyss.

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Genie ideas.

A genie whose two forms are either 9' tall semi-corporeal sphinx with glowing eyes or a 5' tall girl in tattered jeans and sneakers who hoists her feet on her summoner's table while chugging their beer.

A genie who never wears the same form twice but ALL their forms are severely genderfucked.

A genie who acts very sensual and seductive but is actually null down there.

gender, shitposting 

"What's your gender?"
"Ummm, you actually can't represent it with just Unicode, so yeah..."

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