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my fursona 

so i made an evolution chart for my fursona

idk how readable it is, but here

the digimon, in rough order: botamon, wanyamon, salamon, meicoomon, meicrackmon (also has another mode, linked by a curved line), rasielmon, raguelmon, bastemon, dianamon, golemon, lillymon

i used the official art for everything, and frankly i shoulda made the canvas bigger but by the time i figured that out i was in too deep

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>gets the boop from ppl following me
you're making a mistake, i'm mostly just horny

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hi y'all if you'd consider chipping in a few bucks for this member of my community I think that'd really be meaningful. a couple thousand dollars is so little to spend to secure a family a place to live and a lot of it has already been raised.

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PL politics, women's rights, PLEASE boost 

The Constitutional Court of Poland (which includes illegally appointed judges) just made a ruling regarding abortion law.

Abortion in PL is now illegal for p. much ANY reason. Women will be forced to give birth not just to children that result from rape. It'll actually be illegal to abort a foetus without lungs or a brain. No, this is not an exaggeration.

This is a EU country in 2020. Difficult to imagine, right?

Please boost to make this widely known.

yeah, i was expecting to uninstall that mobile game, but not so quickly

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begpost, urgent, please boost 

hey yall im really sorry to do this but some unexpected expenses fucked up my budgeting this month and i have way less money than i thought i would right now
if anyone is able to spare a few dollars so i can eat this week id really appreciate it


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reminder to add pronouns to your bio even if you're cis

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Fediverse meta, ableism 

If someone tells you what their needs are, assume good faith and believe them.

Heck, it shouldn’t be that hard.
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If you're on a Win10 machine, update your system right now. There's a TCP/IP stack level remote-root vulnerability in play, affecting anyone who can see IPV6 packets from the wild. Update and reboot as soon as possible.

gay, horny 

realizing that i'm rly a thigh girl

like sure butts are fine and tiddies are nice but mostly i like those for the noises cuties make when i play with them

but thighs? they're so soft and giving and you can rest your head on them or get your face cloaked in them while you go down on someone & she whines and squeals, and they tend to be rly strong too so if she's more of a domme getting stuck between them is a way of ceding control and just


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emergency fundraising 

womp womp we almost had it

we got fully funded for the move and for the most part it’s going swimmingly, but we underestimated our costs. We have about twice the boxes estimated to be freighted, gas money has gone up significantly since our last trip, and we need bedsheets.

Hoping to find another $400 to keep my family safe and not lose our worldly possessions, boosts appreciated!

I can now accept venmo through my bestie: @tinymagpie


3d models aren't always the right choice, they're more graphically impressive but sprites can be more fun to look at

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Put your age in the bio. 

At the very LEAST! put "I am 18(+/-)" like I know age is a thing people don't wanna talk about but like holy fuck guys come on, a lot of this website is nsfw.

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Always remember, you do not need to tread on other people to stand up for yourself. If you can’t lift yourself up without also pushing others down, you should really try to find a different way.

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I see a lot of undescribed screenshots boosted lately. Text in pictures is the most inaccessible, rude thing. I'm so tired.

Please take the time to type the text as a response and boost it as well, if you have the ability and feel the message is worth your time. If you don't think it's important enough to reach ALL your followers, why is it important enough to reach those who happen to have the ability to read it (while hurting others)? Maybe just don't share it? And / or tell the original author of the toot to add a description themselves if they can.

I know and I understand not everyone can do it all the time (I find it hard sometimes too), but most of the time it's just ignorant and rude, if you ask me.


today on shit olivia says, fash 

the only thing i'm nostalgic for is when those fuckers were too scared to show their faces

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knowing when to disengage is a skill, actually

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