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>gets the boop from ppl following me
you're making a mistake, i'm mostly just horny

goodwill towards companies 

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Also, while its great that so many cities and states are in favor of giving up Columbus Day for Indigenous Peoples' Day, don't for a second forget that this is as much a placating gesture as anything else.

Politicians would rather rename a holiday than be taken to task regarding reparations towards the indigenous people, offering aid to those still living on reservations, or committing more action towards the staggering numbers of missing and murdered indigenous women. Don't let them skate by.


there's something beautiful about people, about life, and i think that we can get too caught up in our needs to really appreciate that
and there's something beautiful about just... being, existing in this world, and at our best, loving and being loved in turn

gals i love people

the ones that make me emotional are the simplest: the ones that are just hand prints on walls
they're just. "i was here," written in the contours of the human body, and they've been able to stay on those stone walls for thousands of years
i don't know who drew those, whose hands those were, but i do know that they were there, that they made a difference and that we can see that difference from all this time later
maybe we can make a difference too

at least i never used "autistic" as an insult lmao
i'm so sorry for anyone who uses words like that in about four years


well, tonight was looking mediocre, but then my gf said a sappy lovey gay thing to me and now i'm buzzing w/ happy
it's good

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Your parents don't own you
You owe them nothing

protip for white people 

protip for white people 

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