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my fursona 

so i made an evolution chart for my fursona

idk how readable it is, but here

the digimon, in rough order: botamon, wanyamon, salamon, meicoomon, meicrackmon (also has another mode, linked by a curved line), rasielmon, raguelmon, bastemon, dianamon, golemon, lillymon

i used the official art for everything, and frankly i shoulda made the canvas bigger but by the time i figured that out i was in too deep

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>gets the boop from ppl following me
you're making a mistake, i'm mostly just horny

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contrapoints has 12,369 patrons. her lowest tier is 2 dollars.

12,369 * 2 * 12 = 296,856

at the absolute minimum (before taxes or fees), contrapoints makes almost three hundred thousand fucking dollars a year

if you want to give money to a trans person, give it to someone else
if you're already giving her money, stop, and give it to another trans person

i promise, she won't miss it

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I hate how Google sells my data. I should be able to sell my OWN data. I want companies to pay me $5,000 just to obtain the knowledge that I searched up pictures of cool mushrooms.

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Asking For Rent Help 

hey guys so my partner got his paycheck but we cannot cash it anywhere and might have to wait until Friday to be able to cash it at a bank an hour away

we still need to pay rent, which we were counting on this check for. rent is $550, and we are already late on it. i CAN pay people back once we get this check cashed, just let me know if you would like to be paid back

CashApp: $RottenMutt

Venmo: MuttMusk


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Don't.... use slurs?????

Esp if you aren't in the specific people group?????

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you know what would be cool? a medical system that doesn't require you to act neurotypical to receive any care

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Never underestimate how little context you and someone else on the Internet may actually share.

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Help request, lost job and need to pay rent. Boosts + 

I've tried everything and sold some stuff but I'm still £120 short on my rent this month after losing my job with very little redundancy pay.

If anyone could help I'd appreciate it so much 🧡

CashApp: $Dockers

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humans are good problem solvers but usually it's like, how can I get this water over there or which berries should I plant. this constant onslaught of huge looming systemic issues would exhaust anyone. don't forget to pause for a few minutes today and look at some trees or clouds.

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love doesn't need to be sexual or romantic to be love

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credit artists for ALL of their work unless the ARTIST says otherwise.

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reduce your ableist language (contains examples of same) 

There’s a *lot* of ableist language in common parlance. These words and similar ones exist as slurs towards neurodivergent folks in particular. Try pushing yourself to replace/eliminate them.

crazy, insane, mental ➡️ wild, surprising, hectic
dumb, stupid ➡️ foolish, silly
idiot, moron, dumbass ➡️ bigot, asshole, fool

In addition, you are encouraged to think through what you’re trying to say better, and address what the real issue worth criticising is. And if you can’t rephrase it, maybe it didn’t need to be said at all.

i wish you could block individual ads at base

like i don't mind watching them for ppl i like, but certain ads just make me really uncomfortable and i wish i could get something else instead

all of the people mumble, they do a completely different voice than the npcs get for non-kr (kvatch rebuilt) dialogue, it's riddled with uhs and ums

i get that it's a passion project and it's not professional voice actors, but when you're voicing a line, please, open your mouth all the way while you speak

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so like, the voice acting in oblivion isn't great either- there's a line where the actress says most of the thing, then goes "wait let me redo it" and does another take, and that's in the vanilla game

the voice acting in kvatch rebuilt is just awful, even compared to that

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after having played through most of the kvatch rebuilt mod for oblivion, i gotta say,

the voice acting is *terrible*

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kill the cop in your brain. whether it be about gender, media, mental illness, government, you gotta kill the cops everywhere including in ur brain

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i like when trans girls are pretty (all the time)

physical health negative 

i'm going off this med, it's not doing what it's supposed to and is making me really dizzy all day today

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windsday... day of winds

fuck wotan & the cow he rode in on

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