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>gets the boop from ppl following me
you're making a mistake, i'm mostly just horny

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i found a barnes & noble gift card in my bedside table

i'm trying to find a specific poem but i'm not getting it

i think it's by jack prelutsky or shel silverstein or the like, about an alien museum reconstructing you wrong

not an april fools 

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Your periodic reminder that your political activism and plans for a better future should include disabled people, cos not only are you advocating for those disabled now, you'll also be advocating for your future self. People get old; your body is not invincible.

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Nice prank idea: tip your fav artists and tell them how much you love their work

lewd mention 

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petition to ban First Name/Last Name fields

just have a single field for your name and let people put whatever they like

some people don't have a last name or don't want to give it out

i wonder how much work it would be to make a ds romhack...

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the thing that made me a better person was me shutting the fuck up and listening to people who had different life experiences than i did

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white people assume they’re good and good people don’t do racism but the thing is that racism isn’t just “being bad”

angry hot take, probably wrong 

that one homophobic vore skyrim modder 

lewd, bad 


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someone called the cops on my family for "being in violation of the shelter in place orders" 🙃 i had to explain to two very pissed off, gloved, masked cops that we weren't having a party, we live in a generational home and we're just loud people

so that's my day. fuck cops and fuck white people.

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*jumps up onto table and stamps foot* stop fucking correlating afab ppl being trans men and amab ppl being trans women with the """maximum amount of trans possible""" and acknowledge that everyone who falls outside the cis definition is trans regardless of how much they may appear like or align with their agab. fight me assholes

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