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realizing that i've been thinking of monads in a racist way & stopping doing that

anyway give flowless a gun

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my fursona 

so i made an evolution chart for my fursona

idk how readable it is, but here

the digimon, in rough order: botamon, wanyamon, salamon, meicoomon, meicrackmon (also has another mode, linked by a curved line), rasielmon, raguelmon, bastemon, dianamon, golemon, lillymon

i used the official art for everything, and frankly i shoulda made the canvas bigger but by the time i figured that out i was in too deep

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>gets the boop from ppl following me
you're making a mistake, i'm mostly just horny

saying "his or her" instead of just "their" is incredibly weird when i and i think most american schoolchildren were taught that they is used for the singular when you don't know someone's gender

i've also only seen "his or her" used consistently by transphobes so y'know there's that

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A desperate plea for help for my friend and her children 

Please help me to raise money for my close friend who's desperately trying to leave a deeply toxic and abusive environment with her two small and adorable children that don't deserve any of this shit. She's already been made homeless twice recently. Things are fully beyond breaking point and the official channels for support, though they've tried, are repeatedly failing her family in dangerous ways. (1/5)

whenever a youtuber opens with "this video was made possible by viewers like you. thank you" it hits the nostalgia center of my brain so hard

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if anyone wants to help me with gas money that would be cool.

it's like 50 for a tank, but half a tank would last me most a week.

(really excited to get paid this friday)

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An incarcerated artist memorializes the "forgotten" people killed by COVID in prison

“I refuse to allow these people to be remembered in their moments of misery.”

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Genitals are not inherently sexual, and having control over how your body appears to others is a vital part of transition and gender expression. Denying people that or being disgusted by it because it involves genitals is plain faced transphobia. Why do cis men simply get to have dicks, and have it be a normal part of their physique, but when I want one suddenly it’s uncomfortable and sexual?

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Just for the record, I’d you ever so much as breath the notion that packers and other dysphoria relieving prosthetics are sexual in anyway I will cut you down I swear to god

hot take 

'wholesome' and 'horny' are not opposites

things can be both wholesome and horny at the same time

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request for book recs, boosts welcome 

Hi all!

One of my dear friends has a child who is beginning to question their gender identity (specifically, they have questions about what it means to be nonbinary, as they believe that they may be!).

Her kiddo is eleven and is looking for books about coming out as nonbinary and support/affirmation for those that are.

Book recs for mom and kid would be greatly appreciated. ty!

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My EP is up. Happy pride, remember kiddos. No liberation for any of us without all of us.

So yall better quiet down and listen to what those folks most affected by queerphobia and transphobia have to say.

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I’m mad that I’m having to do this again but PayPal took $125 from me and I have yet to hear because from them. I need that money to pay my phone bill and would appreciate any donations towards paying that bill.

My links:

Venmo: journei-g
Cashapp: $journeigr

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Help me do more indigenous education and make anti-capitalist anti-imperialist games at the Silver Spook hui (cooperative/commune) where we're trying to house and feed as is our kuleana (responsibility): (direct support)
Neofeud - a cyberpunk game I created about my experiences as a ghettoized Hawaiian under US racialized capitalism / colonialism

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i spilled water on my keyboard the other day, so some of my keys are busted now

it's a good thing i don't use !s often, my 1 key is busted so i have to copy/paste them now


all i really want is something beautiful to say
to never fade away
i wanna live forever

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maybe it's a stretch but it would be super cool to get my gfm up to $2k by the end of the month 🥺 :trans_heart:

if i was born in the middle ages i would have died as an infant from a problem i had that required surgery

the past always sucked. with any luck, that will continue to be the case

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begpost, boosts appreciated 

hey so i just hit my overdraft limit and uhhh if anyone can help out at all id really appreciate it<3
got 1 month of rent and food before i move back with my parents so its just a little last push but uh yeah boosts are amazing and i appreciate it so much <3

my paypal is
my cashapp is £laurieowo

hopefully i wont have to do this again? i hope?

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