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My I introduce you to a website that let's you listen to the radio music played in every country in most decades. Yes even Antarctica. It's cool

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Hello, yes, plz remind me that this bongo cat thing exists whenever I'm stressed thx

voting discourse is extremely insipid and it's the same people making the exact same points every four years of my entire adult life. i've seen literally every permutation of voting discourse that exists. think it's time to mute this one

furry artists are braver than the troops and have done more for society than any ceo

in case you weren’t aware sans’ voice in Undertale is just a very slowed down Patrick voice from spongebob’s Ugly episode

2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

the more i learn about neural nets and anything that generates content based on massive datasets the more i realize that it's just all witchcraft

going around bonking people on the head with a giant mallet until The Beatles stop existing

The Matrix (1999) taught us a valuable lesson. If someone deadnames you, then you should hit them with a train

I'm just speedrunning emotions bro, I'm trying to noclip through gratitude to skip remorse and shame and hopefully break the skybox and spawn straight into joy and contentness, we haven't found any tech for skipping the fulfillment level yet but tbh I'm kinda glad we haven't, I know it's long but I just enjoy playing the level so much

So just like every JRPG ever (except the ones where you do it indirectly maybe?)

"There can be no meaning in life without God", but the meaning is to kill said God

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