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My I introduce you to a website that let's you listen to the radio music played in every country in most decades. Yes even Antarctica. It's cool

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Hello, yes, plz remind me that this bongo cat thing exists whenever I'm stressed thx

i swear to god the colloquial use of "emotional labor" and its derivatives applied to things like friendship and relationships is so fucking bad

‪kidnapping former Soviet bioweapons researchers to figure out how to deliver cream of tartar to the prostate and baking soda to the Cowper’s Glands to make carbonated cum ‬

How to be a good ally to a gay 

Everyone is gay, everyone is hot, I Stan

i can kind of relate to reply guys in the sense that all i want in this life is for a girl to think i’m funny

Valid to be a boring asshole who loves puzzles imo

Hey if y’all know any tech company hiring programmers in Pittsburgh, DM me.

Computer Science PhD from LSU 2015
Specialized in Computer Vision and Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence.

I know Java, C#, C/C++, Python.

Inside you are two wolves. If one is dominant and one is recessive then you have a heterozygous allele Ww, and if you breed with another Ww, you both appear to have the dominant wolf but there is a 25% chance of producing a homozygous offspring showing the recessive wolf.

If your offspring shows the dominant wolf trait and they pair with another dominant-presenting allele, calculate the chances that each of your grandchildren will have recessive wolves.

hacking into time square to display my gender to the world

me: *on my deathbed* tell my friends...i did all for the clout *dies*

Jill Biden Urges Democratic Voters To Ignore Which Candidates Are Mentally Sharp Enough To Finish Complete Sentences For Good Of Party #election2020 #vol55issue34 #josephbiden #jillbiden #news

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