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My I introduce you to a website that let's you listen to the radio music played in every country in most decades. Yes even Antarctica. It's cool

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Hello, yes, plz remind me that this bongo cat thing exists whenever I'm stressed thx

a falsehood 

Imagine thinking there’s some sort of Deep State cabal guiding Mastodon to their favor. Couldn’t be me.

US Pol, disgusting, reprehensible misogyny don't even click it's real bad 

pokemon playthrough but you cant see the gameplay its just me sitting in a chair with my ds in my face completely silent

a phrase that just came out of my fingers: 

Me playing VC4: okay Forseti said he wouldn't be deploying the Valkyrur (I forget her name) this mission so I guess I should take a second tank instead of my Armoured Personnel Carrier.
The Valkyrur: deploys anyway, is able to kill all my infantry since I don't have an APC

Rip me

Capitalism: Communism would mean the death of identity and expression! All citizens under Communism are simple cogs in an industrial machine.

Also Capitalism: Which one would you like? The pink one, or the one with a bear punching an eagle?

Capitalism: Communism would mean the death of ownership! Say goodbye to having any personal goods of your very own.

Also Capitalism: Sure, you have a right to what you own, but we never actually *sold* you a product, we merely provided a service/product on loan for which your payment has currently run out. *said about literally everything*

Capitalism: Anarchists just want to set the world on fire and sow chaos.

Also Capitalism: *literally sets the world on fire, like, literally literally; oh god, the poor Amazon*

Capitalism: Communism would mean the death of privacy! Shared public resources clearly equates to shared private resources, obviously.

Also Capitalism: The milk in your fridge is a minute past the expiration date. Don't worry, we'll get it.

‪friends, I know we have good toots today but my state’s governor just said the n-word live on the radio ‬

China having good relationships with African peoples and countries that didn't involve colonising them has really had colonisers and other reactionaries confused since 202 BCE, hu?

you participate in society and yet you participate in society. interesting,

For work today I'm prying into what the CPUC wants PG&E to do differently in the future. Hoo boy they seem steamed. The depths of PG&E's failure last week are laid pretty bare in these notes. Why are we trusting unaccountable private entities to do this work? Oh right, capitalism.

What the fuck is gender and how do I kill it?

tired: doing gender

wired: refusing to do gender

inspired: undoing gender

me making a very dark joke about a medical emergency 

This struggle must be organised, according to “all the rules of the art”, by people who are professionally engaged in revolutionary activity.

    - V. I. Lenin, What Is To Be Done?, “The Primitiveness of the Economists and the Organization of the Revolutionaries” (1904)
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