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Hello, yes, plz remind me that this bongo cat thing exists whenever I'm stressed thx

In this house we
don't tidy as often as we probably should

IQ Tests can be useful! For evaluating your skill at specific, trainable mental skills such as visual-spatial reasoning, math, grammar, and to implicitly test your trainable mental skill of taking IQ tests. They do nothing else. Those skills imply nothing else. If you're good at guessing a word meaning from context you're good at guessing a word meaning from context.

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In Civilization IV you need to develop the "fascism" technology to build Mt Rushmore

Secret I didn't learn until adulthood: 

Having a bedtime is cool and good

I stayed up past my bedtime but, it's official! I have made the hero of time a gurl!

I'm gonna speedrun getting purged from the iww for being an actual communist

Other languages: Let's see, cats go meow, dogs go woof, birds go caw...
Toki Pona: literally all animals say moo

I would like to add
a picture to my page and
some information

The original 151 pokemon, or as they are otherwise known, "Boomer Pokemon".

my only regret is that i don't get to campaign to vote pelosi out

*Nixon voice* Ms. Laurie, delete this toot and the far right talk as well as the cards that tend to be sociable

but you can't just leave the teabag in there for more than five minutes... it's going to become bitter...

haha samovar goes brrrr

I hate how games "holding your hand" is a complaint like bitch I wish I was actually holding someone's hand

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