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My I introduce you to a website that let's you listen to the radio music played in every country in most decades. Yes even Antarctica. It's cool

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Hello, yes, plz remind me that this bongo cat thing exists whenever I'm stressed thx

OK but what if we keep all the overpowered positions that exist in bourgeois democracy but give them to dogs instead? I feel like this would go very well

there truly is no better day for harold bloom to commence his permanent dirt nap than Indigenous People's Day

Bad people don't find other bad people, create a movement and fight.
Bad people find neutral people, hide their true intent behind the neutral persons human sheild, get them to argue "reasonable" points to distract from the inevitable rising strength of the bad people.

We've all been the person used by the bad person. Do not let them use your anger, confusion and mental health against the weaker of us. Be a better person

trans (+) and (-) 

wanna see what ruined my day yesterday 

‪most food facts are lies, cum is not high in protein and is mostly fructose and water ‬

Reporting a speed trap on Google maps feels pretty good

At least this property manager knows what the deal is

Let's see how the fedi is doing:

Wake me up

a quote from jim davis: "By virtue of being a cat, Garfield's not black, white, male or female, young, or old or a particular nationality."

this just in: jim davis thinks all cats are nonbinary, but more importantly, garfield is canonically nonbinary

gonna start a bible college but i'll never let anyone know i'm actually teaching Capital Volume 1

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