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Hello, yes, plz remind me that this bongo cat thing exists whenever I'm stressed thx

bread levels are 39% and steady

(39%) ■■■□□□□□□□

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Maybe I should actually follow more of my followers back? Any of you wanna be mutuals?

lord, grant me the self righteous courage of a straight white man in his 50's who's never been challenged on anything.

I finished scanning this book of Boston city documents from 1861, I think I shouldn't have to do anything until I can leave at 3:15 (selfie, no ec)

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DQXI on Switch? Coming out THIS year? It's more likely that you think

God I miss the Pokémon Ranger games so much! Like I never even played Shadows of Almia but I still miss them all so much :fatpikachu:

I will not rest until every cishet white man says "im sorry for being a cishet white man" and I can look down on them and say "no" and take their soul

So the NYT dialect map does have a good clue of where I'm from, possibly based entirely on my answer to this question

The skin is one of my favorite organs on a prospective romantic partner

the term "libertarian to fascist pipeline" implies that some work has to be done to move from one to the other.

for that reason, I prefer, "the libertarian to fascist kiddie slide."

Libertarians attempting to do irony, but proposing a good idea instead:

(Good morning.)

praxis is planting endangered flowers on rich people's lawns that are illegal to remove

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