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It is not apolitical to have a CW. In fact, headlines on articles like That One are essentially like CW's. If I don't like the headline, I can choose not to read the article whether or not the headline is reflective of the information inside. So, in that sense, are news articles "apolitical" for not being quick and to the point, like on a site like Twitter?

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The internet is not the domain of white sensibilities. It is not the property of the most awful people humanity has to offer.

It is for all of us. There is space for everyone to have healthy community that actually edifies and brightens our lives rather than make it worse.

Many people who just so happen to be white do not believe that and they specifically target people like me to ruin our experience and sour the well.

But they cannot stop what I'm doing. They can't stop what we are building

You know there's something wrong with the world when CWing incredibly volatile and upsetting political news is viewed as something you "cannot do" that makes us "crumble".
like i dunno maybe i just want to have good mental health?? and exist on the internet in a safe space literally ever? and maybe that's a good thing?

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Imagine thinking talking about queerness and anarcho-communist theory is somehow less political than thousands of virtually identical posts about how Orange Man Bad

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@trickster that one time the EU commissioned a team to provide a research paper proving that piracy hurts game sales and the 300-page report proved that it *didn't* impact sales at all and the EU tried to withhold the papers

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