As of right now, 118 500 native families are without home in Canada¹ while at the same time 1.34 million empty and temporarily occupied homes are available and just sitting there according to 2016 report from Point2 Homes.²



ukpol (but funny) 





Fangirling/special interesting in this album, and some of the elitist comments he’s received fuck me off so much. ‘It’s overly simplistic and safe’ knobends say, as if all metal can be is an indecipherable wall of blastbeats, toxic masculine power fantasies, stale 80s throwback horror and white supremacy.

The pathetically superficial view metalheads have of their own subculture killed any semblance of community it might have offered. This underground renaissance urgently needs to transpire.

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Zeal and Ardor is one of the most criminally underrated acts in the entire metal underground. Manuel Gagneux’s star is rising, but his virtuosic prodigy deserves to go infinite platinum.

‘Wake of a Nation’ is perhaps the single most emotionally effecting piece of music I’ve ever heard. Trying to pigeonhole him in terms of genre does him no justice.

Listen to this fucking EP. D o i t.

‘The doctor didn’t tell me I have fibro. He told me I was fine, bro.’ ~my gf and her obscene terrible pun game

Why... why did this get marked as nsfw... the UI has changed so much since I was last here 😅

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selfies, transition mention 

Hi, estrogen is making me hotter and I wanted to show it off 😇

Guilt+mh, hrt, periods, covid, semi cry for help 

I’ve been on my period for about 95% of the 3.5 months I’ve been on hormones. I once again got sucked into the correct of Facebook for a while, and since covid I’ve been in mental health hell because my stepmum’s acutely vulnerable. I’ve completely changed my career, uprooted many of my relationships and begun transition. All of these changes (minus covid) are positive. All of them are utterly draining. I’m so fucking tense and tired all the time.

Internalised+systematic ableism, fb 

Good morning, I deactivated fb because I’m once again sick of being a parasocial happiness pump for a sea of ableist cunts who neither bother to cw a single fucking post. Let’s hope it stays dead this time.


Someone prominent in local scenes has been outed as a predator and it's fucked me up somewhat. Could do with supportive comments

Me: *vaping aggressively at a car*
Jack: are you trying to get that inside the exhaust
Me: yes. So it'll look like it's going broom broom

One thing I do know is that when you're Black/Brown, smart, attractive and unapologetic about mainlining and defending the culture that gave you all of these qualities, people will hate you just for existing and try to displace their own anxieties, fears, disdain, etc, on to us.

One of the reason I buck so hard on bigots because I'm not going to take on that energy because it's not my problem.

I am what I am. How you feel about that is your business, not mine.

People on forums and Tumblr shouting about toxic masculinity, homophobia, and racism got me to listen, examine my prejudices, and recognize privilege & oppression. There's a reason the far right came up with "Social Justice Warrior" as an insult. They know online activism works.

UKpol,cry for help (---) 

If anyone's in Yorkshire I could do with some company right now

I'm in such a despair pit currently and I don't know how to process any of it

BPD+psychosis, asking for advice 

So... I used to call what my BPD does to my grip on reality 'pseudopsychosis,' but I've come to realise that this label was something I used to deny the reality of what it does and minimise it. There's two main things I'm looking for:

1) are antipsychotics worth trying, or are they too destructive and dangerous?

2) what resources are there for BPD's brand of psychosis? I see a lot about the neurosis side (splitting+imprinting etc) but not much about psychosis.

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