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@Gaynebula I'm looking forward to it! I hate how sometimes the whole "Autistic people can have empathy" thing turns into "see we're not evil", etc.

People who don't experience empathy are valid and you don't need empathy to genuinely care about other people

First draft of an article I'm writing is done! Now it's onto the editing phase 😁

I want to smash stigma against apaths (people who don't experience empathy). They're among the most marginalised people in the world and the most frequently backstabbed by neurodiversity movements. Apaths are capable of compassion and worthy of dignity- it's time we all recognised that more.

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Wearing what is apparently my most popular shirt to work today. Too bad I didn't have it yesterday for the all hands meeting

CW: selfie, eye contact

Article I did about the neuroqueer movement- disc. of eugenics, queerantagonism, ABA violence against kids, ableism 

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Metal, nazism (fin) 

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Metal, nazism (3) 

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Sex but not sexy, meds+masturbation 

Heterosexuals stop normalizing unhealthy relationship behaviors and then gendering them challenge

*nebulous existential confusion and need for attention intensifies*

Non-sex workers have such a strange hangup around sex work, it's kinda weird and creepy and stop throwing your ideals and hangups onto other people and their professions.

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