Someone prominent in local scenes has been outed as a predator and it's fucked me up somewhat. Could do with supportive comments

Me: *vaping aggressively at a car*
Jack: are you trying to get that inside the exhaust
Me: yes. So it'll look like it's going broom broom

One thing I do know is that when you're Black/Brown, smart, attractive and unapologetic about mainlining and defending the culture that gave you all of these qualities, people will hate you just for existing and try to displace their own anxieties, fears, disdain, etc, on to us.

One of the reason I buck so hard on bigots because I'm not going to take on that energy because it's not my problem.

I am what I am. How you feel about that is your business, not mine.

People on forums and Tumblr shouting about toxic masculinity, homophobia, and racism got me to listen, examine my prejudices, and recognize privilege & oppression. There's a reason the far right came up with "Social Justice Warrior" as an insult. They know online activism works.

I, am, the sleepy bitch
duh-nuh-nuh-nuh, nuh nuh nuh

Ableism is expecting people to both show and hide their neurodivergences/disabilities at the same time.

It's expecting words like "stupid" and "idiot" to simultaneously mean "willfully ignorant to the point of being dangerous to those around them" and "unable to learn specific concepts but ultimately harmless to those around them".

Ableism, like all forms of bigotry, is meant to associate people who are different from the established social norms as the same as the people who are dangerous.

UKpol,cry for help (---) 

If anyone's in Yorkshire I could do with some company right now

I'm in such a despair pit currently and I don't know how to process any of it

BPD+psychosis, asking for advice 

So... I used to call what my BPD does to my grip on reality 'pseudopsychosis,' but I've come to realise that this label was something I used to deny the reality of what it does and minimise it. There's two main things I'm looking for:

1) are antipsychotics worth trying, or are they too destructive and dangerous?

2) what resources are there for BPD's brand of psychosis? I see a lot about the neurosis side (splitting+imprinting etc) but not much about psychosis.

re: UKpol, massive corruption 

@Gaynebula bbc said it didnt violate anything..


UKpol, massive corruption (2) 

It's not a question of 'which party will bring us closest to socialism'

It's a question of 'are there any parties left which don't drag us even further towards a kleptocratic oligarchy wherein hundreds of thousands more will die'

There is literally only one

Take it from a commie trans girl, with major problems with both Labour and Corbyn


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UKpol, massive corruption 

Laura Kuenssberg, political editor of the BBC, looked at the postal votes and reported on them in such a manner as to paint Labour as in with no chance of winning, which constitutes severe election fraud

She will likely not be held accountable

Dominic Raab has also looked at the votes which are supposed to be confidential *because they're votes*

And neither will he

This country is a fucking nightmare

Striking Workers Are Bringing Back 1970s "Mindfuck" Tactics

"Deliveroo and UberEats riders, [...] are masters of the mindfuck. Because they’re technically self-employed, the laws on strike action and trade unions don’t apply to them. That means that the slow bureaucracy of postal ballots and turnout thresholds designed to prevent workers from taking collective action goes out the window. Instead, these workers can just do what makes sense to them. The result has been an explosion in militancy, as the platforms try to cut their workers’ already-low wages. Strikes are now breaking out every couple of weeks with little or no prior notice. They’re organised through complex networks of encrypted messenger chats which are completely invisible to platform bosses, meaning that all their standard management techniques need to be rewritten."

#syndicalism #unions #strike #JoinAUnion

my therapist: so tell me about--

me: wait!!

therapist: ...

therapist: ugh, fine

me: cw: mh (-)

therapist: *sighing heavily* show more

my gender is just uncritically internalizing everything everyone says about everything and then crying

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re: USPol, Petie Pie 

But the most irritating thing about the dialogue around mayor pete is that it implies that the enfranchisement marginalized groups can be rescinded if there is any area in which they compare unfavorably to white heteropatriarchy.

Notably, people do not use the high suicide rates, high rates of hate crime participation, high rates of illegal drug use, and high rates of hiring discrimination in cishet white folks to enact mass state brutality and disenfranchisement for them.

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re: USPol, Petie Pie 

Most of you know that black people are no more homophobic than whites, and are much LESS homophobic when you control for environmental variables that are known to influence homophobia. The average white person of similar religiosity and education level is much more homophobic than a black person in the same situation.

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