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There were like 12 Lego games on humble bundle so I think I know what I'm doing with my day 😊

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The Peterson/Žižek debate will seem very high brow in a couple of years when it's PewDiePie/Fantano

As a death metal album it's easily one of the best. The riffs kick ass, the hooks sink in, the energy is fantastic and the vocals are lively+vibrant.

As an attempt to pay homage to Mongolian mythology... This is an absolutely gloriously terrible shitshow. An absolute embarrassment I'm gleefully enjoying every second of

'Melodic death metal about Genghis Khan, which essentially turns him into Gaston, performed with a similar cadence to Rasputin by Boney M' sure is a sentence I just used to describe a song

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Like at which point when you're watching a movie do you ever find yourself thinking "oh yeah this is totally real"??? When does that ever happen? Like it's just such a strange underestimation of the flexibility of the human mind to assume that in order to be moved by something you have to think that it's real... That's just not what we know happens. Most comedies make absolutely no effort to convince you that they're real, and that doesn't stop them being funny does it?

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