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Pedo mention, Abuse mention, Birdsite, Remain Vigilant

Seems another person person I was adjacent to on Left Queer Twitter turns out to have been a Pedo. It seems to always be the exceedingly nice ones that are hiding shit like this. Anyway, Block, report, and deplatform.

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Trans Timeline Year 1 

So, for those not in the know, there have been some developments in the past year since I started HRT.

Black Widow spoiler-ish, Hot Take, Anna is Bi 

David Hayter has the Socialist Dad Bod we deserve. :blobaww: :blobcatsurprised:

I'm back for a bit. Mostly cuz some friends got batch-banned on the Birdsite.

USPol, GlobalPol, Fascism, Nazism, Alt-Right, Liberals, 'Comedy' 

Hmmm, this makes a strong valid point.

lewd social media discourse, PSA 


Thank you for attending my TED talk.

useless flailing 

Can someone please kidnap me? I'll be good, and even do fun stuff.

semi lewd 

all i wanna do is kis kiss kiss and make out and have sex and even just be cuddled and it's probably because i'm a distracting person touching is nice nice nice and it makes me feel nice and happy wejfrjrejejee im bad

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Petal deer, 2012 by Ellen Jewett, sculptor known for her often surreal depictions of animals #womensart

Traitement injustement différencié dans le sport : alors que l'une est condamnée à prendre un lourd traitement hormonal si elle veut poursuivre la compétition à haut niveau, on vante les qualités de l'autre et on le dit chanceux que la nature lui ait donné "cet avantage génétique". :feministfist: :feministfist:

UKPol. Transphobia, LGBT+, Lesbians, Homophobia, Transphobia, Dishonesty, Lies 

How? No seriously how? If there is consent how is it rape? To be honest I am not expecting logic from TERFs.

Uber/Lyft strike, anti-worker propaganda 

Fucking scab. Mother fucking shill

Whomst should lead my Sword Brethren: a Bike Captain or a Gravis Captain?

Food, cooking 

Making good black-eyed peas with bacon and spices is a good way to cope with the shittiness of the world. Pass it on.


Michael Phelps’ biological quirks (including producing 50% lactic less acid) saw him revered as a champion while Caster Semenya’s see her labelled a freak & she’ll have to take performance decreasing drugs. Something doesn’t feel right...


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