ok ok hear me out; what if weed, but gay? We can call it...weed.


I'm feeling meticulously stoned right now. I'm not taking any questions at this time.

stoned enough that I just misread binocle (a french word for a type of glasses) as bionicle

*extremely Roger Waters voice* 🎶 I...have become...comfortably stoned... 🎶

*types in a random subreddit name to see if it exists*

wow it does

My stoned ass brain had decided that it's not called Monster Factory, it's called Zombie Cannon.

You know what sounds like a good mood? Getting blazed and listening to PR Gnus.

pick only one

anyway im gay and wanna be BAPPY gimme some paws I can bap with

oh my cross poster is just being heckinnnnn slow

don’t tell anyone but I’m secretly dog

You ever glance at a TV with basketball on and think “man video game graphics are good these days but still not quite there yet”


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