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it's finally done! 'we are no longer the people we used to be' is available on bandcamp here:

im really proud of this so i hope ny'all enjoy it

its a shame ILCA got screwed over by nintendo cause theyre actually really good remakes, taking the best parts of diamond/pearl (and to an extent, platinum), and giving the worst parts elegant or clever solutions. the npcs beginning fights in their gen 4 poses is superb.

the seams are apparent, but id love to see what they could accomplish with enough time and money

(also if you were unaware, use codes PARCELMYR and COURIERBAT to get free stuff on arena)

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diversity win! this cis psychiatrist affirms your gender by diagonsing you with hysteria!

as a tumblr anarchist, i actually am immune to propaganda. i simply think *all* states are bad. anyway heres a post on why its evil authortarianism that china isnt letting people die of covid on mass. i am very smart.

WELCOME TO [Hyperlink Blocked]

NOWS YOUR CHANCE TO BE A and Welcome to the Internet mashup

(reposting cause i fucked up the title)

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