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Feel free to follow request this account if you want to see my personal posts that can't go on main but also feel free to hide boosts if you don't want to see the lewds I boost from here

If you liked these photos please consider sending me something over on my PayPal, I'm poor and neurodivergent and could really use it 💜💋 Thanks loves~

NSFW nudes, sexually explicit, please boost! 

Loving my body lately, thank you progesterone! Now I can show everyone my lovely ass just like I've always wanted 🥰

my ass 

rise and grind gamers lets go boost this-ass

Nude butt, boosts ok 

Happy nude queer!

(thanks @rvc for this phrase)

lewd shitpost 

if you're a girl and a guy's topping you and your balls touch, does that make him straight? 🤔

lewd musing 

@violewd "sorry i didn't respond to your message, i was busy fucking our girlfriend"

tits out for

(i haven't had mine installed yet so you'll have to settle with my flat, hairless chest)

lewd, minor injury 

the thought crossed my mind that i could take pics to show my gf how it's healing but i don't want my first actual dick pic to be of an injury, you know?

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Nudes, boosts+ 

Just some nudes posted during peak Mastodon traffic, 3:45 AM Eastern on Christmas

lewd, minor injury 

the gf was determined last night to get me off (and she succeeded) but oof am i sore today. there are a couple small spots where she rubbed me raw and i hope they heal soon because ouchies

Nude butt, boosts ok 

Sometimes you try to get a butt pic and the lighting looks like aliens are abducting your ass

lewd gross 

so the gf and i have been so distracted with each other that we may have forgotten to make time to shower

anyway, i now know what unwashed dick tastes like

lewd joke 

putting the nut in nutrition

horny joke 

this soap has an account on here

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