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I do like talking to new people, but I rarely manage to do the first step myself, so if you feel like chatting just hit me up I guess.

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So, uh, hey there. Should do some kind of introduction I guess.
My name is Vanessa, a 20yo trans girl from germany. I'm kind of new to this whole mastodon thing, but I'll figure this out. Eventually.
Anyway, nice to meet y'all.

But really, aside from flawed controls this game is great. And the OST is a banger. And a welcome break from the really poorly aged Persona 3 FES

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Been playing The World Ends With You the last two Days. The game's good n all, but who in their right mind would ship such godawful joy con controls? This is borderline unplayable. The touch controls in handheld mode are alright tho I guess, so it's not that big of a deal.

Hi, so
Haven't really been paying attention to mastodon for a while, how have y'all been doing?

Funfact nobody needed:
Persona 4 Golden is based on Monogame, on pc at least.
After I discovered that I kinda want to get into monogame and I dunno why since I'm completely happy with godot engine.

Shaved my upper legs for the first time n a really long time. I know I'm gonna regret it in about 10 hours when my thighs will burn like hell, but for now I just use the opportunity to feel that tiny bit better about my self for having such smooth feeling legs.


So today has been the first day the parliament talked about reforming the current law for trans people (which is absolutely horrible and shit rn)
And almost everyone agreed that it has to be reformed, but half the people that talked didn't really want the proposal that Die Grüne made, so uh, idk. But that everyone except the literal nazis agreed to axe the TSG makes me cautiously optimistic.

So, I got this song stuck in my head yet again, and it's so fckin good. The Persona 5 ost in general is amazing.

Ok so uhm
Interacting with lewds
How do people do that, idk
I still feel really weird doing that

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i wanna fall asleep inbetween someones boobs

But at this point it's unfortunately very much rumors and leaks, but on the 13th we might have our answer and now I'm stoked.

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So everything's pointing towards a PC release for Persona 4 Golden soon, and it's so utterly convienient because I finished P5R a few days ago and I NEED MORE.

Why is tusky not notifying me about follow request tho

As you may or may not know I became a bit obsessed with Persona lately.

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Changing a nintendo networkid on a 3ds is an absolute nightmare.
Kinda glad that all the save games that matter weren't on the sd card. Because i can restart everything else basically just to have my old user name scrubbed from my console.

Persona 5, lewd 

So I have that Persona that's a literal penis on wheels.
I just finished off that boss fight with the skill "one shot kill".
I shot an enemy with my dick.

Completely out of shape. Should at least play Beat Saber more often if I procastinate actual workout


But seriously, it's starting to go downhill real fast and I don't really know how to deal with that

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Oh yes babyyy the insecurities kick back in and they are worse than everrrrrrrr wooooooo
*internal screaming*

> remote classes
> Classes about computers
> Being required to scan in notes written on pen and paper instead of submitting the text directly
> ???

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