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you ever fall asleep with your ipod on and now that cutesy jpop song you listen to when you're a tad sad has over 1000 listens?

there she is! the best character of the dora movie!

decided to watch the dora movie and this is how it started lol

Finally watched The Irishman today and idk, in all technical ways it's great. Great acting, great camera work, decent character building. But, I couldn't help being bored for a lot of it.

k is on a work trip outta state and i have legit, no lie, lived off of delivery pizza for every meal. not because i cant cook (im the chef of this family), but because im too lazy like wtf is the point for cooking for just me lol

Oh, the Mandalorian is on Disney+? I thought it was a torrent site exclusive!

man ive been sick all day to the point i had to leave work but it's not even like "get outta work fun sick day" its just me laying on my bed feeling miserable and occasionally sitting up to use my computer

tfw ur trans and you put tons of work into your appearance but ur still afraid of being misgendered

Not to be a bougie soccer mom but I love California pizza kitchen

My bus/train exploits have been so ridiculous today that if once I get to the station and my last bus is a long time away, I'm going to the closest gay bar, getting shit faced and hoping someone just takes me home with em.

Had the impossible burger for the first time today, and I don't want to sound like a fucking commercial but I couldn't tell the difference from a meat patty.

Went to this extended family members new house and since he just moved in he has no seating and he's just like sorry and my nice brain was like "it's cool my friends and I stand in a circle in the kitchen anyways" and he's like really and I'm just like No, forgetting all attempts of niceness.

i use the light themes on sites and programs. idk how yall read stuff on the darker site themes shit hurts my eyes real bad

went to a kneaders cuz I wanted a decent sandwich and I was eyeballing the cinnamon rolls but I was low on money and the lady gave me some for free 😢

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