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Oh, the Mandalorian is on Disney+? I thought it was a torrent site exclusive!

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cis buzzkills: being transgender is very serious! it's pain! heartache! there's no fun in being transgender!

me: *uses my gender as a stick to roast marshmallows over a fire*

everyone's attacking Bernie Sanders now (I mean they have been, but it was very blatant last night) and the guy is remarkably calm about it. If it were me I'd have beaten the cnn moderator.

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cut my life into pieces this is wii sports resort

kid rock / beck mashup


so why don’t you kill me

fun house hall of mirrors must be very boring for a vampire

contrapoints out here saying "you say you're offering criticism when you're really attacking a person's career" like she's a fucking accountant or something. her entire "career" is commentary on youtube, criticism is going to be about your "career," dumbass.

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A new year, a new me! And they’ll never find the original’s body….

i cant believe we're hours away from the year

RIP Julie Berman. You were taken too soon and the world will feel your disappearance. We will pick up where you left off and work to change the world so this never happens again.

Overcame a severe life threatening blood disease to gain another, more mild, blood condition. Life finds a way I guess lmao.

Rise of the Skywalker thoughts:
the use of leia: -1/10
the plot itself 3/10
the comedy 7/10
the action 4/10
the kiss -100/10
sheev 1000000000000000/10

compared to force awakens (no sheev) and last jedi (no sheev), it's pretty good (sheev).

jk rowling is a joke, and always has been, like the beginning of her name is “jk” ffs, it was a warning to us all

oh did the world just realize that jk rowling is a terf? this has been old news for a while tbh

*cups hands around my mouth to make my yell louder* trans women are good

fuck dude, i'm drunk and listening to the new album from have a nice life, and my mind is fucking expanding. or caving in. i'm not sure which.

anyways hmu on switch SW-3356-2265-6224

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