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Oh, the Mandalorian is on Disney+? I thought it was a torrent site exclusive!

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cis buzzkills: being transgender is very serious! it's pain! heartache! there's no fun in being transgender!

me: *uses my gender as a stick to roast marshmallows over a fire*

this post is making ur timeline smell like pumpkin spice, ur welcome

the east coast? you know that’s just a fictional place for tv shows right?

hi i spent 45 minutes making a homemade meal i love and something in it gave me an allergic reaction for the first time ever and i spent 20-30 minutes in the worst hell imaginable while my face felt like it was melting off. hows your day?

it's 90 degrees, half of our state is on fire, and we have a snow warning. colorado rocks.

cisgender buzzkills: “ugh being transgender is super serious. it’s a serious condition that needs to be treated seriously. you can’t possibly enjoy being transgender, it’s terrible and painful!”

me: *dips my gender in a glass of milk to make it a little softer and milky when I eat it*

Discovered a niche genre of music that was founded and died out all in the same year and have already cycled through every release from the entire genre in one day. Ya know, the average Wednesday.

i watched 218 episodes and 2 movies of the xfiles in two months. ask me anything.

the fate series needs to stop being so cowardly and give us big titty anime girl Lenin al-fucking-ready

this dude on twitter replied to my short tweet thread with my horror opinions with “I’m not reading all that” and it’s like, no one told you to? who are you? you don’t follow me and I don’t follow you. you do not have to interact with my tweet, you can go back to jerking it to super smash bros.

Horror movie makers need to stop making "scary kid villain" movies. If I can punt the fucker, it's not scary.

need me a girl to cuddle while I rewatch xfiles in its entirety

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Why am I even arguing with this person? If you think saying you'd vote for Hitler as a better option than Trump, that clearly dictates your political ideology, and it's not hating Trump's policies.

Guess it's nice to see the "blue no matter who" camp admit it's not Trump's policies that they despise, it's just that it's Trump specifically doing them.

The fact that someone on Twitter tried to make a new acronym to replace lgbt with and forgot to add gays and lesbians to said acronym says a lot.

Rage Against the Machine, in 1992: “Those who died are justified, for wearing the badge, they're the chosen whites”

Conservatives, in 2020, at Tom Morello: "Why are you getting political!!!!!!!!"

Listened to the new T Swift album cuz I've loved listening to the abominations she's been putting out lately (they're so bad it's comical). This one however isn't so bad it's comical, it's just so boring it's bad. Which I suppose is an appropriate entry for what I'm calling the "Worst Pop Album Trilogy" with Reputation and Lover.

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oh my god, so, I've been reading Trans Wizard Harriet Porber And The Bad Boy Parasaurolophus, by Chuck Tingle, and it is legit the best fiction book I've read all year so far and

Spotify be like "You're favorite albums:" and lists something you listened to one song off of back in 2017

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