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- this is an 18+ account. minors get blocked.
- consider being respectful if you're responding to my lewd posts and we aren't mutuals or haven't spoken before.
- my DMs are open and i love meeting and chatting with new trans and/or queer folx
- mutuals can flirt with and tease me. if you think you want to flirt with and tease me, consider getting to know me first.
- uhhhhh borger

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follow protocol 

if you've liked my nudes, you're allowed to follow me

I'll only bite when you tell me to~

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@ mutuals 

hey if we're mutuals and doing flirty stuff and you wanna do more flirty stuff in a different digital space, you are hereby allowed to ask me for my discord handle uwu~

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about me 

- 30-something
- white race traitor
- polyam, involved with a loving polycule
- soft butch
- trans dyke
- cute housedragon
- genderfluid with agender inclusions
- chronic anxiety issues
- deals with an eating disorder
- teaching self to code (python)
- metal/woodworking enthusiast
- does music stuff
- smut peddler, occasional writer
- I cook better when I'm horny
- and im pretty fucking horny
- accepts large sums of cash money
- horny little pet kinkdragon gamer girl
- is horny, really

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introduction i guess 

name: darg, dargi, d, beast
pronouns: see bio

white, intersex, genderfluid trans butch

beast is the unemployed, mentally ill housewife of a trans polycule. she cooks, cleans, codes, plays musics, sucks at video games, struggles with depression, cries in her sleep, makes awful puns, and spends entire cycles perfecting her shitposts.

she's also a lewd fucking pervert

rope bondage shitpost 

ok but i do really enjoy feeling casually comfortable enough to tie someone up as per their specifications/requests?

i would like to tie more people up, but also to have someone better with rope than me tie me up uwu??

sometimes yr the big chungus but sometimes yr the smol dingoid

kobold shitpost very bad 

I'm full of pasta and ready to yip helplessly while someone holds me in mid-air by one leg diddles my nub tail

imagine a kobold with its' snout buried in a steaming mound of spaghetti and red sauce

no time like the present to grab the nearest kobold and get them to look you in the eyes while you tell them they're such a cute little kobold

imagine a kobold visibly trembling with excitement and clutching its' claws to its' snout

imagine two kobolds making a giant pot of pasta sauce and arguing in yips and yips about how much chili flake to add before accidentally knocking in the entire jar

imagine a whiny kobold clinging to and humping a dragon's big, powerful tail while the dragon tries with increasing frustration to get some work done

I'm raiding tonight
that means it's time to tease the kobold
I will see the masto notifications on my desktop overlay and it will make me horni(er)

kink shitpost 

doing my best to be the energetic, bubbly piece of fuckmeat I want to see in the world

kink shitpost 

"it's supposed to sound a little ridiculous to you," Keeper tells me

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what you haven't considered is that my libido is just bigger and stronger than yours, and that I will simply continue to debase myself until i have your complete attention

what if a group of strong, needy dragons all decided to make use of me at the same time~~ 😳

kink shitpost 

Keeper really likes it when I do the catgirl voice, so much so that it's now the only way I'm allowed to speak while i have the ears on~~~ 😻

first tbc raids tonight
survival hunty hype
time to flex in my naxx gear which I haven't taken off or washed

lewd shitpost 

her: God, you have such a tight, fuckable body

me, blushing and squirmy: okay but Really?

her: yes, Really

me, still flustered: ok, but... Really really?

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