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- this is an 18+ account. minors get blocked.
- consider being respectful if you're responding to my lewd posts and we aren't mutuals or haven't spoken before.
- my DMs are open and i love meeting and chatting with new trans and/or queer folx
- mutuals can flirt with and tease me. if you think you want to flirt with and tease me, consider getting to know me first.
- uhhhhh borger

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about me 

- 30-something
- white race traitor
- polyam, involved with a loving polycule
- soft butch
- trans dyke
- cute housedragon
- genderfluid with agender inclusions
- chronic anxiety issues
- deals with an eating disorder
- teaching self to code (python)
- metal/woodworking enthusiast
- does music stuff
- smut peddler, occasional writer
- I cook better when I'm horny
- and im pretty fucking horny
- accepts large sums of cash money
- horny little pet kinkdragon gamer girl
- is horny, really

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introduction i guess 

name: darg, dargi, d, beast
pronouns: see bio

white, intersex, genderfluid trans butch

beast is the unemployed, mentally ill housewife of a trans polycule. she cooks, cleans, codes, plays musics, sucks at video games, struggles with depression, cries in her sleep, makes awful puns, and spends entire cycles perfecting her shitposts.

she's also a lewd fucking pervert

hi I'm spigot 

and my tight, sinful body was made for truckin', fuckin', suckin', and cuckin'.

kink shitpost 

keeper is gonna fingerblast me until I can't see or speak English words uwu

today I killed the heart on the ironclad with a snecko eye/fire-breathing deck on ascension level 1

if British people were real they would find my comedy stylings simply irresistible

My ass wobbles and froths--gravity ceases to function as it's sheer mass pulls space time in on cannot escape. There is no turning bakc


when an m&m cums it's the colour of their shell

call me by my gamer tag bro please i'm so close oh god

lmao I keep getting spawned in the same 100x100m square in the southwest corner of the map and there's no way to cross the map without encountering a half dozen people

knife run #5: omg plz bro plz just don't shoot me i'm not looting anything plz just let me sneak across the map in peace bro

tarky could you stop spawning me on the wrong side of the map

a freaky friday style movie except i don't swap bodies with anyone i just get good at video games for a day

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