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- this is an 18+ account. minors get blocked.
- consider being respectful if you're responding to my lewd posts and we aren't mutuals or haven't spoken before.
- my DMs are open and i love meeting and chatting with new trans and/or queer folx
- mutuals can flirt with and tease me. if you think you want to flirt with and tease me, consider getting to know me first.
- uhhhhh borger

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about me 

- 30-something
- white race traitor
- polyam, involved with a loving polycule
- soft butch
- trans dyke
- cute housedragon
- genderfluid with agender inclusions
- chronic anxiety issues
- deals with an eating disorder
- teaching self to code (python)
- metal/woodworking enthusiast
- does music stuff
- smut peddler, occasional writer
- I cook better when I'm horny
- and im pretty fucking horny
- accepts large sums of cash money
- horny little pet kinkdragon gamer girl
- is horny, really

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introduction i guess 

name: darg, dargi, d, beast
pronouns: see bio

white, intersex, genderfluid trans butch

beast is the unemployed, mentally ill housewife of a trans polycule. she cooks, cleans, codes, plays musics, sucks at video games, struggles with depression, cries in her sleep, makes awful puns, and spends entire cycles perfecting her shitposts.

she's also a lewd fucking pervert

hi I'm a trans person in my 30s and im reaching the point in my transition where my desire to experience life outweighs my fear of that very same thing

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so I'm basically like... just not gonna play any video games for while? or at least it feels like I'm going to do that. they've lost their luster; they just feel like time sinks, and im not getting the same enjoyment out of them as I once did. I'm not feeling the stories anymore. so I'm going to put that time into the house, into myself? I'm going to do more walking, practice more music, establish time for me to craft and make things for the house. I want to cook and bake more. I want a life

the white mansplainer-to-karen pipeline is real and it is terrifying to behold

saying stuff like "im not having fun if im not winning" is sure sign you've been brainwashed by American propaganda

maybe just maybe I don't like gamers and don't wanna be friends with most of them

ridic gamer feels 

lol i was just a warm body the whole time that feels great

next time I get into an mmo im gonna tank and nobody can stop me

I am gonna pull so much threat

im gonna snap off on trash patrols

im gonna be lewd on comms

it is all for the greater good

idk why i signed up for this raid, i'm gonna be running on muscle memory and thinking about sitting on the couch with my wife

the bad times of my past lives aren't anchoring me to a spot, they're giving me a heading and telling me where to go from here. the closer i get to my own personal answer to Why Am I Transitioning? the clearer my path becomes and the less the details seem to matter, the less it hurts to walk the path. and the subconscious attitude shift accompanying this personal growth apparently makes me move my ass in a really appealing way when i walk down the street in a pair of my fitted pants.

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for the first time in my years of hrt i feel like i'm finally grabbing my transition by the reigns. disabusing myself of the toxic notions i picked in the infancy of my transness has felt like an exercise in freeing myself from the expectations i had built up before i ever got my first script. maybe it took me a while? lmao Who Fuggin Cares? gender is fake and we're all improvising as we go along, so we might as well roll with what we got.

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i wasn't pondering this in the context of "oh i hope this stranger likes what they see", but in a "this body is the result of the effort i have put into controlling myself". trading physical pain for dopamine and being on top of my hormones, has given me a newfound appreciation for how i look. i Want to be seen, and having that want met no longer fills me with a sense of dread or apprehension. i LIKE what's happening to me, it Feels good, i Feel good, and it shows every time i leave the house.

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this dude was Looking at me from his bike just now, while we were both waiting for the light. he saw me see him looking, and he kept looking, and I realized as i turned away to scan the timing on the traffic lights that I didn't feel any of the usual panic and fear about turning my back on someone who was Looking at me. instead I was wondering how well my pants were framing my ass.

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