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"recently there's been an increase in foot related crimes"

@the_feral_housewife you fuckin cowards, nothing can defeat the might of hellsite

goat acting authoritarian re: hellsite downtime confirmed?!?

goat says "hellsite has been turned of bc u stinky" but we all know the people's revolutionary hellsite coup has succeeded

it's that special time of evening when it's night crew time bc it's nighttime where I am and fuck all other time zones where it isn't night

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welcome creepy cretins and grubby gremlins to the night crew

do french people really exist or was that more of a mass delusion thing

I could never go back in time and explain to my past self what the future holds bc i had a gun back then and I was very wary of strangers.

I honestly thought the future would have more flying cars and embiggened produce not whatever the fuck this shit is.

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