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the sound of music but im a deer and im julie andrews and everyone is lesbians

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😭some girls have antlers and i think that’s beautiful 😭

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lewd idiotposting 

i feel like a wild horse,,,, with a spirit this free,,,, who can tame me,,,,? oh, a white christian horse girl, oh shes giving me the strap, feeding me sugar cubes, im a good horsy nnow

My dump-truck ass just knocked a bunch of stuff off of my coffee table (pleased)


Ive been sad recently. Im lonely a lot of the time. :(

sexual harrassment/ catcalling 

Three men turned in their seats to follow me with their eyes, they were yelling things after me. I never know if they want to fuck me or kill me. This time they wanted to fuck me. I feel shaken up.

I got the second vaccine shot yesterday, i feel grosssss


The last 48 hours have been the most painful of my life

So if you see something, you know who you are, im begging you to keep it to yourself

Its great that i cant even vent here because im worried one of my girlfriends partners will see it and tell her how badly im falling apart

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