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the sound of music but im a deer and im julie andrews and everyone is lesbians

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😭some girls have antlers and i think that’s beautiful 😭

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lewd idiotposting 

i feel like a wild horse,,,, with a spirit this free,,,, who can tame me,,,,? oh, a white christian horse girl, oh shes giving me the strap, feeding me sugar cubes, im a good horsy nnow

selfie ec 

I actually think the dark circles under my eyes are kind hot tbh,,,, makes me look like a weary sorceress burdened with knowledge

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quick sketch just to prove that i can still draw lmao 

no one suffers like catra <3

selfie ec 

Its me, the ‘experiencing loneliness’ girl

I guess ill work on art until my partner gets home from their second job :/

My partners girlfriend is visiting this weekend :o im excited for them :blobmiou:

I was a really good partner and big sister today! Im feeling quite drained tho 😞

Unsurprisingly, i caught my baby’s cold. I knew the risks

My poor baby is still sniffly this morning, i gotta take care of them today ❤️

I was up late working on my art projèct. It feels good to do a creative

this bitch love taking selfies, ec 

I actually brushed out my hair and put it up nicely. I mean you can’t see it in the pic but i did do it

My partner has a cold, poor bb has been working too hard 😞

Deleting my sadposts because i cant bear to be seen/judged rn

I gave my partner several squeezy hugs and kisses on their head :blobmiou:

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