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the sound of music but im a deer and im julie andrews and everyone is lesbians

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😭some girls have antlers and i think that’s beautiful 😭

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lewd idiotposting 

i feel like a wild horse,,,, with a spirit this free,,,, who can tame me,,,,? oh, a white christian horse girl, oh shes giving me the strap, feeding me sugar cubes, im a good horsy nnow

One of my partners cut my bangs,,, I’ve got a cute fringe now hhh

i feel like im changing. i feel like nonessential parts of me are falling off. im not enjoying it but i dont know if that matters

what should i do today. work on my comic [i wont] hunt monsters [i will] , run errands,,, sigh. idk. not feelin it


today was a good day, but im still a little :(. just too many things i had to power thru and be brave for. goodnight

im gonna check the corner store i went to when it opens. and i can use one of my partners phones for the call thankfully. and i was actually gonna lose phone service at the end of this month anyway.

mention of bodily wound, innocuous 

my partners cat scratched her eyeball this morning :(((( i feel rly bad for her :'(

selie, eye contact 

i look kind of prissy but in a hot way

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