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the sound of music but im a deer and im julie andrews and everyone is lesbians

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😭some girls have antlers and i think that’s beautiful 😭

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lewd idiotposting 

i feel like a wild horse,,,, with a spirit this free,,,, who can tame me,,,,? oh, a white christian horse girl, oh shes giving me the strap, feeding me sugar cubes, im a good horsy nnow

a gentle unfurling is still getting 100 hits a day even while its on hiatus. that slaps


i feel so shameful for even having personal problems right now. i feel like i shouldnt be taking up space right now.


the sirens and the shouting are really starting to get to me. my heart is in my throat and im having a really hard time coping. i wish it was easy, for a while.

mh meta 

why do i post mh- statuses? they’re so pointless

mh - 

im in kind of a dark mood. today has been hard.

mh-, mh+ 

hard morning. im doing alright now. there are so many things to be grateful for.

comic musing 

i think i wanna draw some today. i wanna put together some eve pages. what is that girl up to

body posi 

when i slap my butt it jiggle >:)

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