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the sound of music but im a deer and im julie andrews and everyone is lesbians

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😭some girls have antlers and i think that’s beautiful 😭

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lewd idiotposting 

i feel like a wild horse,,,, with a spirit this free,,,, who can tame me,,,,? oh, a white christian horse girl, oh shes giving me the strap, feeding me sugar cubes, im a good horsy nnow

Ohh that enby shaved the sides of their head again 🀀

Ive been a coding gremlin recently, im becoming somewhat powerful

nsfw, nothing showing tho 

Longtime followers of lilys boobs- can you believe how big theyve gotten wow :o

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I was finally able to keep down some food this morning, thank goodness


I woke up in the midde of the night and barfed :( and then i barfed again a few hours later. Im not loving it

lily embraces her neurodivergence 

Im au’d tistic

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