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Unpleasant experience 

For some reasons, I was quite obsessed with attracting men that would call me a girl.

Thinking back about then, I am quite surprised of how low my self-esteem was. I mean, a lot of not so nice men are ready to call one a girl in order to fuck as they want.

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It's the first time, here on Mastodon, that I can let go both my kinky identity and my rather nerdy normal one.

I used to go on trans-dating website to chat with other trans girl but in these site you have to comply to what trans-chaser wants.

It usually (at least for me) involved a quite limited profile and depiction of interests, stereotyped to what I pictured men would want.

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So, if I post pics of my butt here, won't people think less of my abilities as a scientist?

Do I really care or do I just wanna slut up and suck d*ck?

Is it OK to be turned on by having to do calculus naked with a chalk on a black board?
I mean naughthy calculus, like, idk, sexy trigonometry?

Now I wonder what would be a good kinky plot involving math.


Sorry for showing off, I'm just horny and looking for relief through the virtual world.
This skirt is absolutely not appropriate even with underwear!

eye contact 

Trying hard to pass. Gender dysphoria is a bitch.

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I guess the same, nothing fantastic but nothing dramatic!

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Selfie in pink, stilll too manly

So it's been a while since I went here, was busy getting Amazon slutty dress. How have you been?

Sometime I feel my ass worth mych better than any other part of my anatomy.


I just wanna be sexy! But ass is hard to put make-up on!

Who do I have to suck in order to have someone to suck?


Trying to find a way that make my ass bumpy.

Erect girl-cock body nudity 

I don't know why but this red stuff with hole, I find it super hot.


I've been a bad girl! I tried to sudo even though I haven't the privilege...

Is there a D sysadmin who would restrain my right..?

Eye contact 

Strange that I like pink so much in girl mode. I mean, it's a bit a stereotype no?

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