MH, Dysphoria, sui (-) 

Hahhah, love to be a dumbfuck and look at the costs of going private, then consider that I'll be 30 before i even start HRT as things stand and remember that I have this godawful gut feeling I won't live long paat 30 that I've had for years and tried over and over to forget

The punchline, that I really love, is my brain's response to that fear of death?

To try to make me kill myself

MH, Dysphoria, sui (-) 

It's that initial starter fee that's so hard. Ive known friends get discounts for stutentdom or circumstances but that's only so much, and then like, 40-50 a month seems more reasonable on a full time job (lol). And diy is 60 a month like the incentive is almost to start diy.

So many of the trans i know who are doing okay it's because of windfalls, blugh

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