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actually i'm just gonna pin this; i write stuff occasionally and i'm gonna try and post it more often so. here yall go, this is my literotica account

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i wanna clarify: i am married! we're open and poly and have a history of play partner stuff. i love flirting and goofing off with pals! and maybe sometimes going down them while she watches and gets off to it :3

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there are girls i would like to wake up tangled with

my belt was meant to be ever so gently wrapped around your neck~

only cowards say that artemis has no children bc artemis exclusively has sex with women and if you think a goddess doesn't have enough Concentrated Top Energy to get her 612413 gfs pregnant than you are a Coward AND a Fool

i just

gotta get all these bugs

off my bed............................

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hey yall what are some good instances a girl like me could join??

the hardest part of being a top is that i can't just post cute pics of sex toys for cheap clout

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