all my teachers have given up by now, why is skool still happening
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lets have a really great day today! we can handle whatever comes at us with mindfulness and compassion while still putting our own needs first ❤️



apparently everyone in australia is mad right now at a guy named "Dick Pusey" because he got pulled over smoking meth in his Porsche 911 and the cops who stopped him immediately got run over by a semi so he livestreamed the crash site while he laughed at them dying


btw if you ever want to visit the mountains of vermont, wait until late june or early july. we’re getting hit rn by our second snow storm in the past four days

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for a site with this many anarchists y'all talk a lot about the prostate

when you're a debutante in a dress you hate it's frock and ball torture

mention of ICE 

anyone who can help me translate/write letters in spanish i’m sending to trans compañerxs in ICE detention?

i see transition the same way i see getting a piercing or a new set of clothes. its just something i wanna do and if you dont let me I'll key your car

slightly lewd, arrested development 

happy cinco de cuatro, anustarts

so basically i figure if i get rid of half my blood, then my organs will have to compete for the rest, creating incentives for them to be more efficient. the invisible hand of the market will cause me to get healthier, if i get rid of half my blood. blood for all your organs? that's communism, pal

I don't JUST sleep and eat, sometimes I also drink water and commit murder

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