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honestly the intersex flag fuckin slaps, so aesthetically pleasing and minimalist while also being absolutely nothing like any of the others 10/10 perfect content

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asexual pride flag? sick
non-binary pride flag? siiick
lesbian pride flag (specifically the one thats pink and orange)? sick as all hell

meanwhile the trans pride flag looks like its colour scheme belongs in a nursery and idk the bisexual flag just doesn't do it for just like the purple stripe always kinda doesn't mesh well with the rest of it idk I just can't get into it.

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i swear all the identities i don't identify as get all the sickest pride flags its not fair

i couldn't figure out how to pay for a panini on the self checkout so i just stole it please say praxis

remembering that time i came out to my mum via text and all she responded with was "thank you" for like a whole 10 minutes

thinking about that time i went to a party that had a mysterious green fanta that looked like the stuff that turned people into apes on Darkplace and i drank so much of it that my shit went green


not a subtoot just some shit i saw on twitter how talking about biphobia among the queer community was unnecessary because cishets are still the bigger threat to bi and yea the last part isn't untrue but we can still talk about both especially if thats your attitude tbh

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I'd like to thank everyone for waiting until bisexuality visibility day finished before whipping out their shitty takes about how bisexuals are ruining the queer community very considerate

been kinda out of the loop from current releases anyone got any movies to reccomend from the last year

Hollow Knight is actually the name of the final boss, you're thinking of Hollow Knight's monster

are jorts but the size of short shorts called jort shorts or short jorts or jort jorts

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