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thank you all for your feedback it appears the overwhelming majority of you want to see lots of "good toots" and no "bad toots" as such I am very excited to announce that I will begin phasing out posting bad toots, I hope to be posting absolutely no bad toots by 2025 once again thank you

gonna try to get Injury Reserve to say trans rights when they tour down here I'm excited

still pissed off i got no boosts for "smegma dreamcast" that was a good toot

nsfw, freeuse, isn't it a little early for horntposting? Show more

i accidentally broke a friends stress ball the other night and it had a liquid inside and some of it went in my mouth am i going to die

changing my name bc there are other kates i cant compete with

the fact that billie eilish is like 15 years old is boomer genocide

having the same intrusive thought about buying the gamer dress on a weekly basis

I'll be taking no further questions as to why I'm eating a quesadilla in bed at 9 in the morning at this time thank you

gonna invent a new aesthetic called "souppunk" idk what it is yet but it sounds dope

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