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nsfw, self, kink, bondage, boosts encouraged Show more

crowdfunding a furby that raps sicko mode and eats ass, its what the millennial want

whatever the opposite of a food content warning is Show more

Girls with two legs are hot but what if there were girls with 6 legs, thatd be three times as many leg i like girls

my timeline is just lumb rn and honestly it should be like that all the time

on mastodon youre legally only allowed to talk about minions once

anyone thats ever boosted one of my toots is going to hell

might fuck around and karate chop my dick in half, for the boosts

gonna break my weeks of barely tooting with something like "might go ahead and subtoot my dick later"

Great that i can post something trans positive on this website and not have my mentions filled with fashy fuckfaces bless this place that is all

people that build their nether portals without filling in the corners belong in the fucking ground

The Lobster is actually a documentary, thats just what heterosexual dating is like

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