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Jailbreaking my tamagotchi so I can look at titties on it

would you rather: grow to the size of godzilla so you could fuck him or shrink godzilla down to your size so you could fuck him?

frantically googling for a way to blame my multi million dollar tax fraud on the position of the planets before the IRD get here

sorry y'all didn't boost my posts enough i'm leaving again

sorry liberals if you don't have feathers and are bipedal you're a man that's just basic biology

idek why i left, i just didn't feel like posting anymore

the weirdest thing about australia and new zealand is that we both have the same dumbass cultural quirks like fairy bread but are each convinced that its just an "us" thing and the other doesn't know shit

*googles "fetishes"*: well would ya take a look at that! terrific

"im not transed! im not transed!!", i continue to insist as i slowly grow titties and transform into a girl

Alien didn't really do it for me but Aliens actually fucking owned so hard I don't really know

i guess my account is just having really strong opinions about pride flags now

proof that biphobia exists in the queer community is how lame the flag they gave us is

best thing about being vegan is that you can just eat the whole batch of raw cookie dough and not worry about salmonella

honestly the intersex flag fuckin slaps, so aesthetically pleasing and minimalist while also being absolutely nothing like any of the others 10/10 perfect content

asexual pride flag? sick
non-binary pride flag? siiick
lesbian pride flag (specifically the one thats pink and orange)? sick as all hell

meanwhile the trans pride flag looks like its colour scheme belongs in a nursery and idk the bisexual flag just doesn't do it for just like the purple stripe always kinda doesn't mesh well with the rest of it idk I just can't get into it.

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