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Jailbreaking my tamagotchi so I can look at titties on it

jj abrams' mystery box is probably full of novelty sweets or something biodegradable and just smells like shit now


godzilla, eye contact 

saying something like "mothra is shit" before logging off for the night and waking up to find my follower count decimated and several big accounts calling for my head


there are multiple shots in the new godzilla movie in which godzilla stares directly into the camera and they make me extremely and innexplicably horny

Phineas and Ferb and Arrested Development have the same energy i will not elaborate

happens all the time timelines just like "hey leif erickson day was yesterday lmao" eat shit

the worst part about New Zealand time is seeing posts like "August 20th is 69,420 days from 4/20/69" on August 21st

for every hexcode value there is a pill, post your favourite hexcode values below for an appraisal

gonna come up with some new types off those "pills" things that make you woke or something. the faded teal pill makes you realise how much licorice owns actually and the chartreuse pill makes you realise that Tarantino was never good

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