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Selfie, ec, new dp 

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300 followers probably counts as a fanbase so i've decided that fans of me call themselves katertots its a new thing please do it

custom ordering a gadsden flag that reads "only tread on me if you're a really tall girl wearing combat boots"

I don't know fellas libertarianism is sounding pretty appealing right now but idk if i can get down with the whole "not being stepped on" thing

If someone only puts in the amount of garlic the recipe states they are 100% a cop

my brain is just a roundish chunk of spam, floating in pepsi, inside my skull

my couch is death grips and the crowd is going fucking nuts

please do email my wife she's very lonely right now i think she'd appreciate it

Lost 2 followers last night I guess I deserve that

I'm a goblin, I eat dirt, I kill cops, I never fuck

I said I was going to sleep but then I just kept posting

I'm mostly watching JoJo bc of meme fomo and I have no regrets

Ok I'm going to sleep good night I'll delete all these posts in the morning stay cute squad

Fucked up that healyn has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for money laundering and tax evasion but I guess that's just how it goes what can you do yknow

I'll go to bed once I come up with one good toot get out of my room mum you didn't even knock we've talked about respecting my privacy sorry I didn't mean to yell good night though I love you

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