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going full findom on my twitter ad bc i want weed money

kinda a nude, vivi dick 

oh hey its been a hot minute, hasn't it

extremely horny 

to clarify because people mentioned it: this isn't me saying that i don't wanna be teased about kink shit, i love that stuff. if you're my friend obv

this is me saying that i DO want that cause i love talking about this stuff especially when i'm hornt but i also know that if it happens, isntead of responding in fun, entertaining ways that lead to cute fliratious conversations, i'll go "ajkdfasjklhasdflkhadf please aaaaaa" over and over again which isn't what most people WANT

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im scared to get my teeth fixed let alone that

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honestly homophobic that i cant have a pussy without having to deal with terrifying surgeries,,

trans femme sexuality, anatomy but not lewd 

This guide fits me well. Thoughts?

My G-spot is stored between my E-spot and my F-spot

"what do you mean you dont want to fuck to literal depressioncore"

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i cant tell if this is a joke or not help, lewd 

so whos gonna fuck me to deathconsciousness

homophobic that i cant have neck marks while im still living at my parents >:T

kink, hypno, party // 

all the guests are (secretly) given a very intense & theoretically temporary crush on another guest

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