I’d like my ass fucked now.

chaste selfies, #2 has ec. :boost_ok: 

I've been thinking about this outfit for days but I've been too overheated and exhausted to put it on. i was still very tired and overheated today but i was brave and i did it anyway 🍑


I brought my prototype meme bathing suit to the beach for some real world testing 💦

Every so often I remember I'm a girl with a dick and, like, that's awesome

Nsfw | Nude 

Because 1 angle wasn't enough to capture everything I wanted in the photo. Lucky you :devious_horns:

moo boobs and tum, lewd @ "you", :flirts_ok: :boost_ok: 

feeling extra soft and cuddly today, if only you were here so I can properly share my body with you~ 💞

I'll let you do anything you want to me, I'm just here to please and be a good bimbo~💋

Accept the positive things in your life.

Like me.

I'm fucking gorgeous.

I would never have imagined I
could look like this a few years ago.
Who knows what you'll look like if you go for it?

It's never too late

chastity, nude 

Miss has me locked up for at least the next week. She said I looks so breedable here. If anyone needs a breeding slut send em this and let em know I’m here~

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