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‪please enjoy my thesis, Why Venom Snake is a Queer Transgender Story‬

‪you instantly forget 99% of the people you see and so does everyone else ‬

‪starting to become suspicious I have too much gender ‬

‪love too wait in the hospital, doctor will be right with me 20 minutes ago like an hour ago ‬

‪insanely fucked up that Labour’s gonna pick a centrist and not me, born on the day Stalin died and kept frozen in a KGB cryotube until the Soviet nuclear batteries finally ran low‬

please vote “yes” on my resolution to make the official DSA party slogan the detailed synthesis for triacetone triperoxide

i am watching Picard and honestly, i would have preferred an extremely detailed show about winemaking in the future


‪i’m a kemonomimi functional extremist, if you got them, you can’t also have human ears ‬

“Happy Valentines Day from Kiyohime, please Da Vinci can see us in the simulator..”

“No I can’t, please continue.”



we finally found a facility that will take my mom, and they want to move her in Thursday which is sudden and inconvenient because like all things health care, of course it is. and it's $200 a day at least.

watching Joker and it's interesting seeing what they added in CGI to make it Gotham, tho the streets in the Financial District are actually that bad

I have finally completely the Setsubun Oni Pagoda with like 5 hours to spare. Thank you to Euryale and Santa Lily Jeanne Alter

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