if you think comic book names are silly, remember there was a physicist on the Manhattan Project called Nick Metropolis and he built MANIAC I, a computer powerful enough to help them build a hydrogen bomb by calculating the complex physics in the microseconds of detonation


MANIAC stands for "Mathematical Analyzer Numerical Integrator and Automatic Computer" and it was named that because Nick Metropolis and John von Neumann wanted to stop people from naming their computers silly names, but they just made it worse

us computer nerds have always had the worst sense of humor

@Newpa_Hasai @poppyhaze I know for a fact that there are very many funny physics acronyms, like the ABRACADABRA experiment.

@poppyhaze@girlcock.club wait what exactly was the plan there
they wanted to stop other people from giving computers silly names by giving their own computer silly names???

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