regarding the death and injury of crew members on Rust by Alec Baldwin

"social murder" is a term coined by Engels wherein the ruling class places the workers in such a position that inevitably, they will die

the unionized film crew warned of irresponsible behavior from a non-union armorer and walked out to protest

they were ignored, filming continued without safety changes, the incident became inevitable at that point

Rarely in today's complex systems, is there a single cause of an safety incident, and filming a TV show or movie is one such complex system

the reason many safeguards are supposed in place is that inevitably some will fail but hopefully others should catch them

unless ignored

if there is one lesson I can teach you about systems analysis, is that you MUST ASSUME EVERY SYSTEM WILL FAIL

design your procedures and systems imagining at least one or two of the other safeguards you assumed have failed so that they will fail-safe, not fail-deadly

the non-union armorer who provided the fatal gun was the daughter of Thell Reed, a famous exhibition shooter and hollywood armorer.

so, surprise, hollywood relied on nepotism and producers ignored all the previous mistakes and union complaints because someone's dad was famous before.

as a friend pointed out, i don't want the blame to land exclusively on her or even just on her and the producer that handed Baldwin the gun. the blame lies in the Hollywood system that puts an inexperienced armorer with a negligent producer, and ignores the crew

@poppyhaze Gooosh, in light of this I do hope he gets personally held accountable.

@maloki @poppyhaze the thing is that it's not even Baldwin's sole fault either, he was handed the prop gun and told it was "cold" (not loaded)

I would suggest the responsibility is primarily on the shoulders of the producers who, in spite of several people raising safety issues, threw the union crew who were complaining off the set and hired scabs to continue filming

@outie I thought it was his movie that he was producing.. 🤔


@poppyhaze oh fuck that means the armorer used live ammo for closeups instead of dummy rounds, didn't clear when switching to scene blanks, and Baldwin is kicking himself for not verifying.

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