i agree that shipping container homes are a scam. there may be a justification for modular homes in the shipping container footprint to ease transportability

it's a pure aesthetic thing. and portable prefab houses have existed for a while, trailer homes

along with "3D Printed Homes", there are a lot of tech companies looking for a quick buck from investors to have technology solve a problem

the housing crisis is a political issue, we can easily and cheaply churn out homes if we wanted to conventionally


absolutely 100% this. it’s not even immediately a physical crisis, as there’s hella housing units sitting empty solely as investments. step 0 before even building new stuff would be to open up all of these empty spaces for people to live in.

@goldcarrot a pied-a-terre tax along with a blight tax is a "within the system" would force investment landlords to lower rents to market rates so they stop sitting empty

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