reading about European companies is always a trip like "Founded as a wagon company in 183fuck, they got their big break making rifles for Count Dussel von Kongenital-Defekt, collaborated with the Nazis to build racist guns, now primarily makes paper cartons for soup stock"

guess which company i was thinking of when i made this post and figure out which one of these history line items is a lie

@poppyhaze "racist guns" just makes me think of the Puckle gun, which was a rotary cannon prototype long before the Gatling gun (not remembered because it didn't really work), and one of its features was that it could be configured to fire square bullets that were supposed to be more effective against Turks for some reason

@poppyhaze gotta guess Bahlsen, makers of Choco Liebniz biscuits, because I had this exact experience looking them up

@Sindemore close, sadly it was SIG Combibloc, who made guns for the Swiss military before switching for aseptic paper cartons

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